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Top Dog Breeds For College Students

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A dog is a creature that will always love you simply because you exist. It is absolutely indifferent to whether you study at a prestigious college and whether you have the latest iPhone model. However, if you are going to go to college in another city, then perhaps the dog is the very first friend you should get. In this article, we have compiled a list of seven dog breeds that are ideal for college students.


These portable dogs are very stubborn and have a personal opinion on every occasion. However, they can fit into a college lifestyle quite well. The representatives of this breed can be the best college dogs for several reasons. 

  • Firstly, this dog is the perfect companion who will happily go on an adventure with you. 
  • Secondly, dachshunds do not require expensive care. All you need is proper nutrition and upbringing.

However, here’s another important thing you need to know about a dachshund. Being allowed to do everything they want, these cute dogs turn into destroyers. It is useless to fight this character trait, as this habit will disappear with age by itself.


Optimism and sluggishness is the life credo of pugs, who are great companions for adults and fun friends for children. These small dogs are loved for their calm and cheerful character, funny appearance, and endless devotion to their owners. The highest pleasure for a pug is to lie with the owner on the couch. So if you are dreaming of relaxing with your dog after returning from college, and not immediately running for a three-hour active walk, this is the breed for you. Moreover, thanks to its miniature size, the pug will fit even in the dormitory. This is an unpretentious and calm dog that will not seek to make significant changes in your lifestyle. So it can be rightfully considered one of the best dogs for college students. 

Chinese Crested

This dog has an unusual appearance, so be prepared to be in the spotlight wherever your pet will accompany you. This is a very friendly dog ​​that was originally created in order to bring joy to the owner. In addition, these creatures are very sensitive to the emotions of others. These are those dogs that are able to intuitively capture the moods and feelings. If you had a difficult day, then this dog will not bother you, but simply lie down next to you. In addition, these dogs do not like to bark, and the almost complete absence of hair significantly facilitates grooming.


Most dog handlers unanimously declare that a poodle is the best breed to get the first experience of keeping a dog. Despite the fact that poodles are very fond of physical activity, they can easily spend time in the apartment, not to bother with their barking and not spoil all the things that they can reach. In addition, they adore intellectual training and will joyfully follow the owner to meet adventures.

Perhaps the only thing that can take a lot of your time (and money) is caring for the hair of a poodle. It is more profitable to learn how to do it yourself, as well as comb and trim the poodle fur regularly to avoid expensive grooming services.

Boston Terrier

This is a universal medium-sized dog that can happily exist in a large private house or a small apartment of a college student. These dogs love walking, but will not require you to take more than two half-hour walks a day. They also love intellectual exercises and easily learn new tasks. These dogs do not like to bark, and also do not like the presence of other animals. In addition, they are kind and not vindictive but tend to be very upset if the owner scolded them.

Papilon (Continental Toy Spaniel)

This is both a very smart and also funny and very cute dog, which is ideal for living on campus or in a small apartment. Dogs of this breed have an innate savvy, unquenchable interest in the world around them and comprehensive love for the owner, which can even turn into jealousy. However, this dog does not require long walks and serious physical activity. This is just the case when the dog is more fond of solving intellectual problems and learning something new. By the way, the best freelance authors from the Online Writers Rating custom writing services review platform are fond of doing the same to provide their customers with top-notch academic papers as well. 

Any Outbred Dog From the Shelter

There are several reasons to adopt a dog from a shelter. Firstly, this is the most inexpensive option, which will not affect the amount of love that you get from the dog. Secondly, when you take a dog from a shelter, you save her life. Most dogs understand this and extol their master to heaven. And third, by doing so, you make room for another abandoned dog that needs help. And by the way, there are so many owners of outbred dogs who speak of them as the kindest and smartest creatures around the world. So think about this option as well.

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