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7 Ways To Keep Your Pets Safe

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The right dog can be an excellent addition to your family. Whether you are raising a puppy or have decided on a more mature adult dog, many homes have hazards you may not even realize. Common, everyday items can be dangerous to a curious dog or teething puppy. Learning how to identify and remove them will help you and your go have many wonderful years together safely. 

1. Use Pet-Safe Gates

Between working hard to keep your home clean and safe, its hard to know where to start. If the home is yours and you are paying an adjustable rate mortgage on your home every month that is a lot of work, there may be certain areas you don’t want your pet. Many people turn to baby gates to provide indoor barriers. However, not all gates are going to stand up to a dog, especially one that is a serious chewer. Wood splinters can cut or puncture your dog’s mouth. Or, worse, they can cause a serious problem if they get into his stomach or intestines. Instead of using a standard wooden baby gate to keep your dog in a safe area, look for ones designed specifically for pets. They have features to limit chewing or getting collars caught. 

2. Keep Candy and Treats out of Reach

Many people know that chocolate is bad for dogs, but you might underestimate how determined a dog can be to get that candy. Puttin git up on a counter often isn’t enough to keep them away. Instead, store all candy and chocolate in the refrigerator or a sealed and tamper-proof container. It will stay fresher and you won’t have to worry about a medical emergency with your canine companion. 

3. Store Chemicals Safely

Take a moment to think about all of the chemicals you have in your home. Even everyday products can be harmful if ingested. In general, if the label says you shouldn’t eat it, assume your dog shouldn’t either. Go through each room and find the products that could be dangerous. Here are a few suggestions that might help you know where to look in each one:

  • The kitchen: degreasers, oven cleaner, pot and pan scouring scrubs, disinfectant sprays and wipes, dish soap, dishwasher tablets, and carpet cleaners 
  • Bathrooms: toilet cleaner, shower spray, shampoo and conditioner, multi-surface sprays, glass cleaner, hair products, shaving cream and body washes
  • The garage: antifreeze, motor oil, gasoline, chainsaw oil, brake fluid, driveway de-icer, insecticides and car wash

4. Provide Water in a Safe Place

No matter how much they seem to like it, dogs really shouldn’t drink from the toilet bowl. If you use any leave-in tablets or gels, they are probably poisonous. Plus, smaller dogs could possibly fall into the bowl and drown if they get stuck. Keep the lids down and use childproofing latches to keep it secure. 

5. Adjust Indoor Temperatures

Dogs with thick coats get overheated easily. Border collies, Australian Shepherds and Samoyeds are perfect examples. Adjust the temperature in the house to accommodate their climate preferences. 

6. Use Fireplace Screens and Barriers

It is important to practice fire safety with your pet. Your dog’s fur will catch fire if a spark or flame escapes from a fireplace. So, while he may enjoy lounging in front of a roaring fire in the winter, it is best to use a screen or glass door to keep it contained. Fireplaces aren’t the only fire hazard, either. Never leave your dog alone with a lit stove or candle.  

7. Hide or Cover Electrical Cords

Chewing through an electrical cord can literally be a shocking experience for your pet. Depending on the output, it could deliver enough of a shock to kill them. Don’t leave cords where pets can have easy access to them. Hide them under heavy furniture wherever it is possible and limit the use of extension cords for extra safety. Take the time to dog-proof your home by removing hazards, securing chemicals and using appropriate barriers. Once you have, you will be able to enjoy time with your pet without worrying about them getting hurt. Plus, you won’t have to worry about what kind of destruction you will come home to each time you entire out. 

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