7 Exercises to Keep You and Your Dog Fit 

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Staying active is an important part of not only our overall health but our dogs as well. Aside from the traditional walks here and there, exercising with your dog can be mutually beneficial. If you’re looking to tame your pup’s zoomies and keep them and yourself active and healthy, follow the tips below. 

Benefits of Working Out with Your Dog 

If you’ve already got a fitness routine, why not add your furry friend to the mix? Working out with your dog has a ton of benefits, including: 

  • Strengthening your bond with one another. The more time you spend together, the closer you’ll become!
  • Keeping you motivated. If you make working out with your dog part of both of your routines, your dog will likely have no problem reminding you each day. This will help keep you motivated to get up and moving. 
  • Increasing activity levels. Taking even 15 to 30 minutes each day to exercise with your pup can help increase activity levels for both of you, thus leading to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Improving physical and mental health. Of course, exercise does wonders for our physical health, but it also positively impacts our mental health too. 

Exercises to Try With Your Dog

If you’re looking to keep your dog healthy, here are a few exercise ideas you can both try. 


You’re probably used to walking with your dog, but why not take it a step further with some running. First, make sure you’re equipped with proper running shoes to reduce the risk of injury and start with a light stretch. Before you begin your run, warm up with a five to ten-minute walk. 

Once you’re ready, ease into a light job and keep a slow and steady pace. If you and your dog are new to running, try running in two-minute intervals to work up your stamina. Make sure to take breaks when needed and have water ready for you and your pup. 


Tennis is a fun and interactive sport for both you and your dog. Go to a tennis court or large outdoor area with enough room for your dog to run. Grab some tennis balls and a tennis racket, have your dog get into a sitting position, then hit the balls as far as you can. Have your dog fetch the balls and bring them back, then repeat. You can also try different commands with your dog and have them do tricks, then reinforce them with the ball. 


Yoga for dogs, also known as doga is a great way to practice mindfulness, balance and bond with your dog. During each yoga pose, allow your dog to interact with you and join in. For example, have them sit beside you, crawl under you or lay on top of your stomach. End your flow with savansa and some deep breathing while allowing your dog to rest on your chest. 

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