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The 7 Most Important Things To Bring When Traveling With A Pet Dog

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Who does not want to take a trip to their desired destination with their furry friends? Dogs have a way of getting into their owner’s hearts. Not only do people take care of their pets as their family members, but they can not just go on a trip with them. Leaving your dog back home with a caretaker while you go out on a trip can be problematic for you as well as your dog. Therefore, for taking your dog along with you on your next trip, you need a full plan that does not make your trip uncomfortable.

Traveling with your dog is not that difficult as you think it to be. While it can get a little problematic, preparing for it beforehand can ease your tasks during the trip. A lot of dogs are not comfortable with certain modes of transportation; therefore, you need to be careful about all the anxieties that your dog might have during the journey. Due to a rise in pet travel, a lot of hotels and resorts have now become friendlier towards pets and allow the pet owners to avail of some special services for their dogs. While you plan about your vacation with your dog, you should go through the list to get an idea of all the things that you should pack while traveling with your dog.


Dog accessories make the trip more comfortable for both the dog and the owner. Since traveling with your dog can be a little challenging, you need to have a complete pet travel gear that contains all things like dog shoes, harnesses, dog raincoat, water bottle, etc. These items are not available everywhere; therefore, you need to make a list of all these items and carry them with you during your trip. Your dog’s toy is another essential thing that comes in dog accessories. Dogs are extremely sensitive animals, and they get anxiety attacks due to changes in their environment. Toys can comfort your dog and keep their anxiety at bay; therefore, you should not forget carrying his favorite toy with you on the trip. If you are going for a beach vacation, you can carry a float for your dog so that it can relax in the calming waters of the sea. You can also carry things like dog activity monitors so that you can keep track of the amount of activity done by your dog.

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Yes, you read it right. Your dog’s passport is just as important as your own passport.A dog passport is a certification by your dog’s veterinary doctor, saying that your dog is healthy to travel along with you to your travel destination. You can carry a folder with all such documents of your dog so that if your dog falls ill during the trip, you can show your dog’s health records to the new veterinary of that place. If you want to be more careful with your dog during the trip, you can carry a few pictures of it so that you can ask for help from the locals if you lose track of it. Almost every country around the world has a different requirement of vaccines; therefore, your dog passport should have a list of all the vaccinations that your dog has undergone.


Like humans, dogs too become excited about exploring the new places that they visit. When you unleash your dog in a new place, there are some chances that you can lose track of your dog. While you don’t need to carry a pet microchip but to carry it with, you can make your trip easier, as you can keep track of where your pet goes. Pet Microchips are becoming more and more popular amongst pet owners around the world because of their amazing radio frequency identification (RFID) technology that enables radio frequencies through which you can track your pet. Every microchip that you will purchase will have a nine-digit identification number using which you can access the data inside the microchip. You can also link your microchip with some dog-care agencies so that they can receive immediate updates if your pet goes missing. If your pet goes missing and reaches some animal shelter, the shelter can access the data in the chip and contact you to let you know as to where your pet is. 

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If you are a dog owner, you must know the presence of dog hair in almost all areas of your house. While it is easier to vacuum your homes, it becomes extremely difficult to vacuum your car after taking your dog on a car ride. Therefore, you should get special seat covers for your car which you can put when you are taking your dog for a drive. Not only do seat covers protect your car from dog hair, but they also protect your pets from any kind of jerks and discomfort that they might experience during the journey. These seat covers are available in leather and upholstery material, and you can purchase a size that suits your pet. To give your car a classier look, you can also purchase a seat cover that has a unique color. 

5.     FIRST-AID KIT: 

New places impact the bodies of dogs, and therefore, they are likely to fall ill when you take them out on vacation. Sickness is one of the last things that you would want your dog to suffer from, but sometimes things can turn the way you did not expect them to. Therefore, you need to carry a first-aid kit for your dog that contains all the medicines and other things that your dog might require during sickness. You can buy premade kits that have all the essentials that your dog might want if it gets hurt or suffers from some kind of sickness. If you want to make a kit for your dog yourself, you need to keep all the important things like gauze pads, cotton swabs, tweezers, cold packs, bandages, thermometer, antibiotic ointment, and hydrogen peroxide. If your dog becomes very ill, you should avoid treating it on your own and consult a local veterinarian of your holiday destination.


 Keeping your dog hydrated while you take it out for a travel journey is very essential for the health of your dog. You should stock up fresh water for your dog as it becomes dehydrated very fast while traveling. If you are a dog owner, you must be aware of the amount of water your dog splashes while drinking it from its tumbler. You can not take the same risk of making your dog drink water from the regular tumbler as it can spill the water in your car or other means of transport. You need to, therefore, carry a travel water dispenser that does not let the water spill during the journey. This water dispenser is specially designed for making your journeys easy and less messy as they stop the water from spilling and splashing while your pet is drinking water from it.


Poop bags are one thing that you should not forget while you take your dog on a trip. Having poop bags handy can save you from all the embarrassment that you can face from other people if you do not pick up your dog’s poop. You can buy a pack of dog poop bags made of a recyclable plastic or even canvas. You can tie the bag after use and throw it in the trash can. 

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Planning a trip with your dog can be a little challenging for the ones who have never been on a trip with their pet earlier. The first step to a successful trip with your furry friend is writing about all the things that your dog can require during the vacation period. You should understand that buying items for humans is easier than buying items for dogs, and therefore, you should not take it lightly and make sure to buy all the items well in advance. If you feel confused about what essentials to take with you on a trip with your dog, you can read the list above as it has all the essentials that you would require. You should not stress much and enjoy the trip as much as you can!

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