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The Top 7 Reasons To Raise Children With A Pet Dog

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People have always treated dogs as man’s best friend. 

True enough, these playful creatures are fun to be with and grow to be loyal companions to their primary career.

Baby Grows Up With His 125-Pound Dog | The Dodo Soulmates

Although looking after a dog can be a lot to process and, not to mention, messy too. Caring for one, especially if you have kids, has its benefits as well. Read on below to know more:

1. Kids Who Grow Up With Dogs are Healthier

Dogs are energetic pets. They love to always be on the go. If you don’t know yet, balls are their favorite toys. 

Dog owners, no matter how sedentary their lifestyle is, would always find time to walk their dog every day. And kids can stay away from their gadgets too. Weekends will never be the same once you start caring for a dog and parks will be your favorite spot.

Fresh air, sun rays, and activities such as running or walking are components of a good immune system foundation, especially for growing kids.

Children who suffer from respiratory ailments are also less likely to develop issues by having a dog in the house. It is because, studies show that the sooner they get exposed, the sooner they get immune to the allergens as well.

Nevertheless, Cleaning Exec Home Cleaning Services NYC advises that you keep your house clean and use the best humidifier for kids to lessen your kids’ allergy attacks.

2. Better Emotional Intelligence

Dogs relieve stress and keep you calm. Moreso, caring for one improves your kids’ emotional intelligence too.

Remember when your daughter slept with her new doll the first time you handed it to her? That’s how they take responsibility for their belongings.

Imagine if you let them be the primary caregiver of something that has life. Not only does it boosts their self-confidence but they also personally learn the importance of being liable to something.

They’ll learn to be more cautious of their actions and be more sensitive to the needs of others. Making them less selfish and others-centered, instead.

3. More Play and Exercise

These days, you’ll find more and more children get addicted to their gadgets for entertainment. If you wish to take your kids away from this kind of lifestyle, then owning a dog can help. 

Dogs are naturally energetic which means, owners are more likely to engage in physical activities. These include but are not only limited to, walking, running, and outside plays.

A 15-minute outside play or a 30-minute outdoor walk is much better than having nothing at all. 

4. Dogs work wonders for kids with Autism

There are times when even parents are having difficulty dealing with their kids who were diagnosed with Autism. Their levels of stress and anxiety attacks are over the edge and sometimes, for us who do not experience it firsthand, it is hard to comprehend.

A recent study in the US found out that dogs, specifically therapy dogs or even emotional support animals, are a big help for kids with autism. Dogs decrease cases of meltdowns and provide a sense of security.

Dogs also provide unconditional love to their owners without expecting anything in return. Just feed them and spend a little bit of time with them, and they’re ready to stay by your side until their last breath. 

Dogs provide an outlet for those extra energies your kid has, therefore, help with their hyperactivity. And most importantly, dogs take unnecessary stress away from your child too.

5. Family pets lead to sibling bonding

Dog owners would probably agree that having a pet in the house is just like caring for another child. You feed them, take care of them, clean their mess, and make sure they are comfortable too.

So if you have an only child at home, petting a dog helps the kids learn some basic life skills such as sharing and caring. 

Expect your dog and your child to treat each other like siblings and eventually develop a strong bond between them. 

6. Dogs help kids learn social skills

Kids grow differently. Some grow to be very naturally sociable, while others grow to be shy type.

For those children who show to be socially inept, pets like dogs can definitely help. Dogs are good conversation starters.

As early as you walk around the block, you’ll notice other kids stroking their fur without thinking twice. It’s a good start to making friends and even improving your children’s self-esteem.

7. Kids grow up alongside a loving companion

Dogs are known to be givers of unconditional love. You as the owner do not have to be very strict with how you care for them.

As long you keep them fed at all times, shelter them, and play with them, dogs will already start to see you as someone they owe their life to. They will definitely stay with you until their last breath.

Whether kids would want to play or cuddle or not mind them for hours, dogs will still be there. Forever loving and ever-willing to stay. 

For the longest time, most of us would think that caring for a dog is doing these beings a favor. Little do we know, that it is actually a good example of a symbiotic relationship because both benefit from each other. Bear in mind though that before you get one, do a bit of research about what breed would suit you and your family’s lifestyle to maximize the benefits and outweigh the underlying issues.

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