7 Surprising Ways Dog Ownership Contributes To Their Owner’s Health

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People keep dogs for varied reasons, be it for security or companionship. Dogs can be a great source of friendship, especially for people who are laid back and shy around others. This loyal furry friend will always be there to cheer you on and nudge you whenever you feel stressed out. Besides this, there are other health benefits attached to owning a dog. 

1.   Dogs Can Detect Cancer.

Dogs may be difficult to maintain because of the expense they come with. Besides the vet’s fee and constant food bills, dogs come with numerous advantages too. However, no matter how high-maintenance your dogs are, they can be excellent detectors that save you from fatal diseases. Dogs can detect cancers at an early stage, helping you arrest them with early diagnosis and treatment. 

Some dogs’ training includes detecting cancers from the scent of different things, including urine, breath, stool, sweat, and the skin. With such excellent skills, dogs can save their owners and those around them by early detection. Some of the common cancers dogs detect include breast cancer, ovarian, lung, colorectal, and prostate cancer. Despite their effectiveness, a lot of research is still ongoing concerning the efficacy of canine cancer detection. Overall, a dog can easily save your life by detecting cancer in your body and prompting you to get specialized treatment early.

2.   Push You to Lose Weight.

Everyone knows that excess weight can be a burden to you and affect your health. Even when you take excellent products and supplements, you will still suffer from issues related to excess weight if you do not keep things in check. Even as you use Lazarus Naturals products to help you get things back in shape, consider including workouts too. Fortunately, if you own a dog, then your exercise goals will be easy to achieve. Most dogs are playful and will keep you on your toes as they are always on the move. Schedule regular walks and runs with your dog, and play games with them. This is an easy way to incorporate movement into your daily routine. You will be surprised at what 30 minutes walks daily can do to your fitness.

3.   Boost Your Cardiovascular Health

When you increase your movement, you also boost your heart and general cardiovascular health. Dogs will keep you on your toes, thus making sure that your blood pressure and other conditions related to the heart are significantly reduced. Research shows that most dog owners have a 24 percent less risk of dying from cardiovascular complications. Your dog will always ensure you are on your toes, and the exercise you get is right for your health.

4.   They can Detect Dropping Blood Sugars.

Trained dogs can detect dropping blood sugars in their owners. While it is not clear how they do this, the overall assumption is that they can detect the scent or muscle movement changes. Usually, such dogs will nudge their owners to eat even before becoming aware of the dropping sugars. This way, any risk from such an incidence is arrested before it becomes fatal.

5.   Assists during Seizures

Seizure assist dogs are common and loved by their owners. These dogs get specialized training to respond whenever their owners get an attack. Unfortunately, there is no conclusive research on how dogs can detect a seizure before it happens. Reports indicate that dogs can sense and alert their owners to take the seizure blocking medication or to get to a safe space where they can get the necessary assistance.

In most cases, the dogs pace around or paw at their owners whenever they sense that a seizure is about to happen. They also tend to be very restless around the owners. However, even though many researchers doubt the dog’s ability to detect an epileptic seizure, they agree that the dog can be of great assistance in case of an attack.

6.   They are Great Allergen Detectors

The ability of dogs to smell and detect unwanted elements does not end with bombs and other harmful or hazardous substances. Some dogs can help their owners by steering them away from foods that could trigger their allergic reactions. If you have a severe allergic reaction, then your trained dog can come in handy whenever you attempt to eat food that could lead to your death. 

Such reactions are even more crucial when they are related to nuts such as a peanut. People with severe peanut allergies need to take extra caution. Specialized trained dogs scour the environment for such allergens and keep their owners away from the substances.

7.   Therapy Dogs

Have you ever wondered why dogs are allowed in specific hospital units? They are not only great companions but excellent in helping sick people recover and recuperate. These animals tend to be very understanding and accommodating such that they will encourage the sick to move around, not to mention that they are social catalysts. They are most accommodating among the elderly and people with disabilities. Dog owners who are prone to anxiety attacks and constant stress can also benefit from their dogs.

Final Thoughts

Owning a dog comes with numerous advantages. They are man’s real friends because they tend to look out for their owners more than anyone else. However, it is quite vital to keep all these points in mind before you plan anything. 

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