7 Things You Must Do Before Adopting Your First Dog

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Guest Post: Introduction

You might have dreamt of waking up on Christmas morning and not finding a wrapped gift. This is because unlike everybody, you will get a happy poodle. However, with a cute dog comes great responsibilities. Here is everything that you should be mindful of before getting a dog: 

They Are There For Life

This is the most critical point out of all the “things to know before getting a puppy”. You must not think of buying a dog just because you “feel” like having a pet. It will get used to you, and when you give to someone else, it will not be fair to the little fellow. A dog has a lifespan of 13 years on average. So, you can call this a long-dedicated commitment. This means that you will have to take care of the dog at the puppy stage. Then, when it grows and enters its energetic years, you will have to take care of it. Finally, when it comes to its golden years where it is fully grown and loves you to pieces, you will be there for your furry companion. You will, at this point, have seen the bigger picture. It is not just bringing a pet from the pet store; it is about a commitment for the next 10-13 years. 

Conduct Research on Different Breeds

It is not like you can go to a shop and get the best pair of gloves. It is a pet and has special needs. You must do your research on the dog breeds to check those needs. They require a lot of pampering. This step is essential because if you get a dog breed that is not suitable for your lifestyle, that will be a huge problem. You have to return your happy-fellow who will be quite attached to you at that point. In order cases where you decide not on returning the pet, then be prepared to make changes in your house and your lifestyle. A huge dog like a german shepherd will have completely different needs in terms of space, food, and exercise patterns as compared to a poodle. If you need detailed information and can’t find it in one place, then reach out to WriteMyEssayForMe. The professionals can write on any topic and can help you with college assignments. Ask them to write a detailed essay about dog breeds so that you can make a more informed decision. 

Puppy-Proofing The House

If you are thinking of getting a dogthen listen up! It is easy to find a pet shop and to get a furball pup, but it gets harder after that. When a baby arrives, you might have seen parents’ baby-proofing their entire house so that their child is saved from all the hazards. Similarly, you will have to make preparations before the little pup arrives. You will have to puppy-proof the entire house or the places where the little-fellow will have access to. Now, this does not mean that you will have to move the hanging cords out of the way. All of the toxic foods must be kept away. If you have children, then you must tell them that they should keep away their toys after playing with them. Especially those Lego pieces that when you step on feels like you stabbed yourself with a knife. Your puppy can swallow such toys and chances are that it can choke. Buy the trash cans that come with a locking lid. Try to keep them out of sight, such as behind the doors. If you like to have plants in your kitchen, then keep them up high where the dogs cannot reach them. You will always have to supervise your energetic fellow. Buy a puppy crate; keep it in there for a few hours. Do not let it explore the full house until it is older and trained. If you need quality essay writing help, use WriteMyEssayForMe.co.uk.

Puppy Supplies

If you are in college and are struggling with finances, then you must rethink your decision of getting a dog. This is because, just like humans, your pet will have its needs. These do not include the expensive collars and gourmet dog biscuits. You will have to take care of the basic needs that will add to your list of expenses. Here is a list of things that you should get before picking up your energetic furball. 

  1. Dog food
  2. A comb 
  3. Grooming supplies 
  4. A comfortable and spacious dog bed 
  5. A collar that is adjustable and has a tag 
  6. A dog crate that is spacious so that you can use it when it gets older
  7. A leash that is about four to six feet long, that will need, when you take your dog for walks. 
  8. Buy a set of toys that are squeaky, plush, and chewable. Please do not buy the ones that are smaller in sizes as it can choke on them. 
  9. Pet bowls that are made of metal or ceramic. Avoid the plastic ones as they can irritate the skin and chances are that your puppy can chew it up.

Increase in Expenses

As mentioned before, getting a pet dog can be expensive. You must be ready to allocate a sound budget to your pet’s needs. These will include food, grooming supplies, treats, and other necessities. Do not forget those trips to the vet. That can add a foot-long bill to your monthly expense receipts. If you are thinking about the average cost of owning a pet dog, well it is around £16,900. This varies as it depends on the breed of your dog.  

Pet Healthcare

Your dog’s health is very crucial for it to stay energetic. Try to choose a vet beforehand so that when you have an emergency, you do not have to search for one. Get your dog vaccinated so that they can stay the healthiest for the rest of their lives. It would be best if you bought health insurance in order to cover the unexpected health bills. 

Train Your Dog

Your energetic tail-wagging fellow will need a lot of training so that it will not turn your house upside down. There might be many toilet incidents at the beginning, so do not be surprised. You must be patient and keep training your bud. You can either take it to a puppy school or train it yourself. The choice is yours!


Getting a pet god can be very exciting. Your childhood dream will be finally coming true. However, you must keep in view all of the points mentioned above. Do take a cursory glance at your savings. Remember, to keep your pet with you, you may need ESA certification. You will indeed have the most loyal friend, but it is undoubtedly going to be expensive. 

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