7 Weird Cat Behaviors

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Opinion piece: Cats are the best Emotional Support companion and especially for those who love pets. All animals do some pretty strange things and you may feel like it is only your pet that is acting like crazy. We all love our pet cat but don’t understand their bizarre behaviours which they show sometimes. Don’t think like only your cat acts like this, because it is completely normal in cats. If you love cat, but don’t have one, then buy a cat and add happiness to your home. Let’s learn about 7 weird cat behaviors, why do they do that, and how can you learn about their activities. 

  1. Jumping Jacks: Some cats and especially kittens can be very playful and lively. They can jump up and down on the couch, to and forth from one room to other. To prevent any injuries to the cat make sure to secure the area where they play with proper safety. Also find ways to channel their energy to exhaust them so that they lay down peacefully. This can be done by playing with them, or providing them with interactive toys keeping then busy.
  • Head Bumping: When your cat/ kitty bang his head on you it is a way of them showing their affection for you. They tend to rub you with their head on you. The behaviourists call this as “bunting”. The reason for this affection is the Pheromones released from his head. Similarly a cat pressing his paws into you is also behaviour to show nursing for their owner also called as “Feline kneading”. 
  • Love for Small Tight Spaces: Cats love to feel cozy and comfortable.  They often fit themselves into small tight spaces like boxes, drawers, sinks or closet corners. According to behaviourist this behaviour can be their way of hiding safely from their predators. This is a natural instinct for them to ambush. 
  • Litter Outside the Box: This is one of the most common behavioural complaint of cat owners. Some cats tend to litter outside the litter box. This condition is called inappropriate elimination.. May be the litter box is not clean and not accessible for them. Also have extra litter boxes and expose your cats to different types of boxes to know their preference. If the problem still persists then consult a veterinarian to figure out any medical condition if any.
  • Teeth Chattering: This is quite a normal behaviour .They emit a fast and intense teeth chattering. This can happen when they spot a bird from the window. It can be due to frustration that they can’t hunt or go outside or it can be that they get excited. Some behaviourist also suggests that this weird jaw clattering could be the cat’s natural instinct in order to prepare its muscles for the act of predation. Teeth chattering may be a result of their frustration or excitement too.
  • Gifting: This one of the most weird cat behaviour wherein they leave behind some unwanted “gifts” for their owners. These gifts can be dead birds, insects or rodents. Don’t scold them because this can make them feel betrayed and certainly don’t praise them otherwise they will end up showering you with more gifts. The basic strategy is to keep your cats indoor or put a bell on their collar to make there hunt challenging. This also prevent your cat from unwanted diseases.
  • Night Owls: Some cats lay lazy all day and at night become highly active in the night. This can also be a habit traced down from their ancestors to hunt in night I.e. nocturnal hunting instincts..  To prevent this behaviour have playtime with your cat in the daytime or provide them with interactive toys so that they release this energy during daytime itself. Further feed them with right before you call it night as this can help prevent their desire to hop around or hunt at night. But if the problem still persists visit a veterinarian. 

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