8 fun outdoor activities to do with your dog

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Our dogs need exercise to stay happy and healthy. There are a lot of different activities you can do outdoors, depending on your dog’s energy and personality, to keep you both entertained and enjoying the outdoor weather.

  1. Take a walk

Dogs LOVE walks. You can keep it simple by taking a walk around your neighborhood. Let him sniff around as much as he wants, give him time to appreciate all the smells as this is the way they get to discover the world! This will help your dog keep calm and happy and will help you clear your mind as well. Maybe you both will get the chance to make new dog friends and meet other people.

  1. Run, run, run

If your dog has a lot of energy and you like to run, he will be your best running partner. If this is the first time you are taking him for a run, make sure you don’t push him too hard. You can try running for one minute and then walking for one. Give him time to catch his breath before you start running again and, most importantly, make sure he is enjoying it. If you see he can’t keep track of you, just try jogging or walking instead. You can use a hands-free running leash that ties around your waist to make the experience even better!

  1. Grab your bike

If your dog has high energy, this is an activity you both will enjoy, this will get all the energy out of your dog as you both exercise. Start with 5 to 10 minutes and increase the time slowly if you see he can keep up, but remember to stop frequently if you realize he is getting tired. 

You can buy a bicycle attachment to keep it safe.

  1. Go hiking

If you are more adventurous, you can share a hike with your best friend. This is a great exercise as it’s low impact and will also let your dog explore the surroundings. Make sure to have a leash on him to keep him on your side all the time. Remember to bring plenty of water and a first aid kit just in case.

  1. Get a wet

If your dog likes swimming, this is the perfect activity for those super hot days! If there is a small pond or a lake near your house, don’t hesitate to take your pooch for a dive, this is not only great exercise but you both will have a lot of fun. Make sure to always keep an eye on him while he is in the water.

  1. Go fetch!

This simple but fun activity will keep him doing exercise and reinforce the habit of coming back to you in a fun way.

Make sure you have his favorite toys when playing fetch so he gets excited to go after it. You can use a ball, a frisbee, a rope, or a stick. You can begin practicing this fun activity at your porch before going to a park or a wider space. 

  1. Try agility

This is the best way to create a great bond and connection with your pup. Dogs are fast learners and they are more capable than you think. You can try this at your backyard or the dog park and start with simple obstacles like a park bench, logs, ropes, etc. Use your imagination, and you will have a lot of fun!

  1. Enjoy a picnic

Maybe you or your dog are not into all the activities above, and that’s ok! You can always enjoy a nice picnic in the backyard or the park. Take a blanket so both can lay on the grass, enjoy the weather, and relax. Bring some snacks for both, maybe his favorite toy and your favorite book. This is the perfect time to spend time together.

You can be as adventurous as you want. Every activity you do with your pooch will make the bond stronger so, relax, have fun, take some funny pictures, and make the most to connect with your dog

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