8 Practical Factors to Choose When Buying Dog Clothing

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While some dog owners think dressing up their pets is a ridiculous idea, dog clothing serves a higher purpose. These clothes keep your furry friend warm and protected.

Many companies are offering the best outfits for your pet. But, choosing the right dog clothes can be tricky. 

Read on to know more about the upcoming dog fashion apparel and accessories.

Why Should You Buy Clothes for Your Dog?

The pet clothing industry is rapidly evolving. Here are a few reasons why you should also invest in fashionable dog apparel.

Extreme Climatic Conditions

While every animal has a natural layer of fur and coating, it is not sufficient to protect them in extreme weather conditions. Short-haired breeds and smaller dogs are not genetically strong enough to withstand cold and windy seasons.

Buying the best clothing can help to keep your four-legged friend safe and warm in freezing winters.

Water-proof dog coats can also be useful during the rainy season to keep your pets dry and cozy.


Health Issues

If your pet is old and has underlying health conditions, it is advisable to keep them covered in lightweight and comfortable clothes. Pet apparel can help avoid injuries and minor scratches too. Warm clothes can help old dogs with canine arthritis and relieve joint pains.

Keep Them Calm

Clothes give a secure feeling to your pets, keep them calm, can console them and help them beat anxiety.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Taking your pets outdoors can make them dirty. Dog coats and other accessories can keep them clean and healthy.

Give Them a Fashionable Look

Pet clothes can make dogs look stylish. They become more approachable and lovable as cuddly furballs. 

Maintain a Good Body Shape

Dog apparel can help them to stay in the best shape and enhance their posture.

8 Factors to Consider While Buying Clothes for Dogs

Here are eight factors to consider while buying clothes for your four-legged pet.

Check the Quality of the Clothing

Dog clothes should be made of soft material that makes your pet feel comfortable. A good quality fabric can help avoid skin rashes and irritation for your pets.

Cotton collars and belts are an ideal choice for your dogs. Winter clothes can be made of fleece or good quality wool. It is important to check for mixed or blended fabric before investing your money in expensive dog clothing.

Select the Right Size

Getting the correct size of a hooded winter coat or a raincoat for your dog is important. Buying a large-sized dress for a short-legged pooch can make them trip over or easily rip off the dress.

You can take proper measurements of your pet and check the label for specific sizes before you buy the right clothes for it.

Check for Safety

Pet clothes should not have buttons or zippers attached. Zippers can get stuck in the fur and injure your pets. Dogs can chew and swallow metallic buttons and accessories attached to the clothes. It may dangerously affect the health of your pet.

It is advisable to check these things before you buy apparel for your pets.

Should be Comfortable

The clothes you buy for your dog should have a simple, comfortable design. It should allow your pet to jump and play around happily. The dressing should not be a hindrance and restrict their movement.

It is advisable to try and experiment with different styles and choose the best one that suits your dog.

Check the Brand Reputation

It is important to check brand image and the manufacturer’s reputation when buying clothes for your pets. It would be best if you only bought pet apparel from the best brands having positive customer reviews and testimonials.

Select the Right Accessories

You can select a wide range of accessories and apparel for your pets from leading manufacturers. They offer several options like matching bandanas, caps, bath towels, and coats for your pet animal.

Check for Add-ons 

You can also buy add-on devices like a GPS tracker for your pet. It can be attached to your dog’s collar and can help you track them when you go outdoors. Dog boots and savior jackets are other accessories that you can choose for your furry friend.

Select Washable and Durable Clothes

Find a sturdy, washable material when you buy dog clothing. You can select a chemical-free pet wash and will retain the softness of the material for a longer time.


It is important to make your pets comfortable and happy in their clothes. You should select the best quality clothing to make your pet look cute and trendy in their outfits.

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