Spend Your Time With Your Dog

Great Ways To Spend Time With Your Companion Dog

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While I clearly advocate the fact that time spent with dogs is never wasted, there are still some ways on how you can take this time as a great opportunity to hit two birds with one stone.

These activities may look like playtime for your four-legged babies, but these can benefit both of you.

That said, here are eight productive activities that you and your dog can do together.

Work Out Together

Instead of getting a membership at your local gym, which in all honesty remains to be just that—a membership—because we would often make excuses not to use it, take your dog to the nearest park for a walk. You can also jog if your dog is up to it.

Playing fetch with them is also a good way to stretch your arms and your legs. That’s a fun way to spend a leg and arm day, don’t you agree?

This way, you get to spend some time with your pooch, and you have spent a day moving your muscles around.

Go to Sporting Events

If you love watching live sports, you might want to bring your dog with you. 

Aside from all the rush and the hype that’s apparent inside a stadium or a field, your dog would definitely love to get a whiff of the action, too! Although they might not understand what’s happening, sitting right there with you and cheering when your team scores will excite them just as much as it excites you.

Keep them on a leash, bring enough water and treats in case they go hungry, and you’re good to enjoy the rest of the event. 

Practice Some Training Tricks

If you go into full training with your dog, both of you will benefit from it. How? Your dog will be trained to do things like roll, jump, close the door, and a lot more while you learn how to be more patient.

It’s important that we give our pets the attention that they deserve, as wells as mental stimulation, to make them even more helpful around the house. It doesn’t need to be intense training unless you have other purposes for getting a companion like a therapy dog for instance.

Let Your Pet Do Some Chores

Whether we believe it or not, or we have seen some great tricks, dogs are really intelligent. They have a way of communicating with people that we surprisingly understand despite having a mile gap when it comes to language.

If you involve them with the house chores, they would feel happier and more relaxed around you.

Try teaching them how to push around a tub of dirty clothes when you’re doing the laundry. It won’t only help you do the work faster, but it could also be a great bonding opportunity for the both of you.

Take Your Dog on a Hike

The next time you set out for a hike, don’t forget to bring your fur baby with you. Don’t worry about the trail being too dangerous for them. There are hiking trails that are dog-friendly and won’t hurt your baby’s paws.

Besides, this could also enhance their sense of smell. With all the natural elements that make up a hike, your dog will definitely emerge as a wonder dog right after the activity.

With all the proper gear with you, there’s nothing that can ever tamper your hiking spirit especially now that you’re with your favorite companion. You can hold your dog’s leash on one hand, and a walking stick on the other hand.

If you’re unsure what to get yet, check out this list of trekking poles to purchase on your next hiking trip with your trustworthy pet.

Take an Obedience or Agility Class

Obedience and agility classes for your doggy could heighten their human interaction skill, as well as getting along with other dogs. I highly encourage you to enroll your dog into any of the courses to improve not only their physical attributes but also their mental alertness.

It’s important that you pay attention to their training because it will benefit you in terms of better communication with them. No more finding bitten slippers under the couch or bed sheets with pee on it.

If that doesn’t influence you to enroll them now, I don’t know what else will. 

Have a Doggy Spa Day

Like humans, dogs should be treated to a day of relaxation as well. All that running and all that biting could exhaust them as well.

So as a reward for being a good boy or girl the whole week, treat them to a dog spa that would pamper your babies with grooming and other therapeutic services. After that, you can go straight home and book a home service spa for you while your dog sleeps beside you.

If you were to ask me, I would take this any day!

Go Shopping

Most pet stores allow pets to enter their premises just as long as they are on a leash or on diapers.

Shopping with your dogs is another great way to involve them in your day to day activities. Not that they would understand a thing but at least they would feel that they belong in your world.

It’s also an opportunity to stimulate their senses by letting them sniff different treats until they identify their favorite.

Over To You

Dogs are precious in more ways than one. Despite not being able to talk our language, I’m sure that if they could, they would thank us endlessly if we do everything that’s listed above.

These activities may look like playtime for your four-legged babies, but these can benefit both of you.

That said, here are eight productive activities that you and your dog can do together.

So, go on. There’s no better way to start doing these activities with your furry baby than now.

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