8 Top Dog Breeds for Emotional Support

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It’s a well-known fact that dogs are loyal friends. They tend to follow you everywhere, keep you safe, and give unconditional love. That’s probably one of the reasons people decided to train dogs to become emotional support animals. Naturally, some dog breeds are more suitable for this than others. These are some of the best. 

1. Labrador Retrievers 

Labradors are friendly, active, and affectionate dogs. They’re super intelligent and do a great job being emotional support animals because they naturally want to please their owner. Labs are also easy to train. Usually, they’re very docile around strangers and other animals. They rarely attack or injure others. 

2. Poodles

Even though they look pretentious, poodles are actually very affectionate and intelligent dogs. Since they’re bred for company, they love hanging around people. This is also why they’re good at reading the emotions of their owners. 

3. Border Collies

Even though they need more attention than other breeds, Border Collies love spending time with humans. They easily get attached to people they spend the most time with. This helps them understand how their owners feel. They also love being assigned new tasks and praised for doing them right. 

4. German Shepherd 

Besides working as police or military dogs, German Shepherds are great as emotional support dogs. They’re easy to train, gentle, friendly, and great with kids. Since they’re larger and more robust, they can also act as physical support for people with disabilities or the elderly. 

5. Great Danes 

This breed is perfect for reducing anxiety. Great Danes are calm and confident but also friendly and approachable. They’re happy to protect their home and family. With proper obedience training and socialization, Great Danes become the perfect emotional support dogs. 

6. Greyhounds

These dogs are very sensitive. That’s why they can easily pick up the owner’s emotions. Greyhounds also love to be close with their owners, which makes them ideal for people who need a lot of physical contact with their dogs. 

7. Corgis

Even though they’re smaller, Corgis are great emotional support dogs. They’re always aware of their surroundings, which helps them pick up their owners’ emotions. Corgis are intelligent, easy to train, and eager to help. 

8. Beagles 

Beagles are easy-going and quick learners. They’re equally suitable for those who live alone or have kids. Beagles are aware of their owner’s mental state at all times. Still, they need proper training to understand boundaries. 


There’s no doubt that dogs adore their humans. Still, when it comes to emotional support dogs, some are better than others. These dog breeds are affectionate and ready to please their owners. They’re also easy to train for various situations, which makes them perfect for emotional support animals. 

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