How To Ensure Your Dog Is Friendly To Neighbors

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Dog owners enjoy a number of privileges, but they also face a few challenges as well. This is particularly the case if your pooch is very active and lively because you need to protect the neighbors and prevent possible quarrels or misunderstandings.

Of course, the job is easier said than done as it’s probably hard to control your pet 24/7. The only thing you can do is prepare for it on time and get your neighbor acquainted with the situation. There are many little things to pay attention to here, but we will present you with eight ways to ensure your dog is neighbor-friendly. Let’s check them out!

  1. Be proactive and talk to your neighbor

The main rule of neighbor-friendliness is to be proactive and talk to the neighbor about your dog. If you’ve just moved in, tell your neighbor that the dog may need some time to get used to the new environment and explain the most frequent behavioral patterns of your pet. 

Of course, encourage the neighbor to give you feedback and keep you informed if there is anything that bothers him/her. It’s the only way for you to react promptly and prevent further damage. Besides that, don’t forget to apologize if your dog does something really annoying. 

  • Learn about local pet rules

Almost every state or even a city has its own pet rules that you will need to obey. Your dog doesn’t have anything to do with it, but your duty is to read the rules and act accordingly. That way, no one can complain about you and your dog’s behavior – at least not officially.

  • Mend fences

A physical barrier is one of the surefire ways to protect neighbors from your pet. Jake Gardner, an essay writer and law essay help expert, explains that having a fence is a must if your dog is free to run through the yard: “If there is anything wrong with the fence, make sure to repair and secure it.” 

Sometimes the borderline will need additional features such as angled extensions if your dog can jump over the regular fence. A lot of dogs can dig holes, so you can also think about building concrete pavement to prevent tunneling. 

  • Train your dog

This goes without saying, but we have to remind you to train the dog and teach it to behave properly in and out of the neighborhood. How can you do it? 

The most important rule is to train your dog to socialize. A well-mannered pooch can only make your neighbors smile, so spend some time teaching it the basics of socialization. It is definitely not a short-term solution, but the outcome can save you a lot of nerves eventually. 

  • Reduce barking and howling

This tip is a natural extension of the previous one. Namely, another aspect of training should be your attempt to keep the decibels down by reducing barking and howling. It’s a major source of irritation among neighbors, so try to keep it to the bare minimum. 

First of all, don’t yell at the pooch if you want to make it stop barking. Use a quiet approach and reward your pet if it obeys the command. If the problem occurs during the night, the easiest solution is to take your dog inside. 

If you cannot deal with this problem alone, perhaps you should ask a vet or professional trainer to help you out. 

  • Use a flea treatment that works

Do you like fleas? We bet you don’t, but guess what – your neighbors don’t like fleas either. This is exactly why you need to find and use a flea treatment that really works.

First of all, you should pay attention to and regularly check the dog for fleas. Most people try to find the most efficient flea soap and keep the pet clean, but you can also consult with the local vet and ask for the best flea treatment. 

  • Clean the yard

Tip number seven benefits both you and your neighbor. After all, you don’t want to find the yard all messed up and smelly, so it’s important to remove dog waste regularly. Your neighbors will be grateful, too, because you will prevent unpleasant odors and prevent local insect invasions. This rule extends well beyond the yard as you should always carry a poop bag when taking your dog for a walk. 

  • Keep it on a leash

When you go out for a walk – especially if you live in a crowded urban area – you have to keep the dog on a leash. It keeps you in charge and helps you to prevent possible incidents or traffic accidents. Of course, it also prevents the dog from entering a neighbor’s yard. 

Up to You

You probably love your dog, but you don’t want it to become a source of conflict between you and your neighbors. Following the eight tips we discussed above, you can make everyone happy and nurture excellent relationships with your neighbors in the long run.

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