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Things To Know About Camping With Your Pet

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if you bring puppy along! Dogs love serves outdoors just as up to you do, maybe even more, so why not bring them along on a camping trip? 

While camping is usually fun and relaxing, you need to be prepared for unexpected situations. 

But it includes a little extra thought that needs to enter your next campground adventure. It makes things a little easier next time you head to explore your favorite KOA we’ve compiled a few tips you might to not have thoughts of (and a few learn about!).

Here is a handy guide with 9 essential tips for your puppy’s first camping trip to take the experience enjoyable for everyone! 

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1. Is Your Dog Ready for Camping?

First things first; you need to have to determine whether Fido is prepared for camping.

Introducing dogs to totally new environment without prior preparation can be a nerve-wracking experience for them particularly you intend to keep in the new environment for a short time.

Here’s how one can determine whether your dog is ready for camping: 

2. Is your Dog Healthy Enough to Camp?

If you a dog owner, we’ll already assume that you will be taking them at their annual veterinarian checkups and are current with all their shots and vaccinations. Any current injuries or illnesses may only agitate your canine pal so if it’s sick or hurt, maybe postpone that camping trip or have someone watch them. You can always promise to take your dog out again once are usually healthy.

Camper Tips:

You may want to consider a tick and flea medication should you be considering to camp in any areas that are known for getting these pesky insects.  

3. Find the Right Campsite

The original thing you need to try out is to find a campsite that is pet-friendly. As many campsites allow families to get their pets. If you can’t locate a pet-friendly campsite you like, another great option is to go backcountry camping. 

4. Book a Pre-trip Vet Visit

When уоu have ѕeсurеd уоur campѕіte or plannеd your bаckсоuntrу rоutе, it’ѕ а good idеа tо takе уоur dog for а pre-trip vеt viѕіt. At this appointment, you can make sure that your dog is healthy enough for the trip, as well as ensure that their flea and tick medication is up to date.Just like with humans, tick bites can cause long-term health problems in dogs. 

5. Get Your Dog’s Documents in Order (ID)

It’s even more important for your dog to be easily identified in new locales. A person gets okay at a vet for your dog to go camping, the idea is to you need to do is get their documents in order. Make sure that your dog has an up-to-date license and ID tags, and bring any papers that verify their current vaccinations. These will make a difference to have contrary happens while from your trip. 

6. Have a Pet First Aid Kit

Now you’ll need to pack is a pet-specific emergency first aid kit. These can be bought from any pet supply store, or assemble one yourself.

While there will be some overlap with an individual first aid kit, it’s vital to have a pet-specific medical book that will a person how to deal with emergency situations, such as choking. 

First Aid Kit for your pooch

  • Bandages– lookup the stretchy variety of.
  • Tweezers– for pulling out ticks and small thorns.
  • Mylar emergency blanket– keep dog warm if he’s injured, stay away from shock.
  • Saline eye wash– flush out your dog’s eyes if he’s sprayed by a skunk or gets some dirt or rocks in her eye.
  • Muzzle– if hurt or scared, your canine’s instinct can be to bite. A muzzle protects both folks.
  • Dog booties– if your dog injures his feet, dog booties will together with some protection. 

7. Pack Portable Water and Food Bowls

Choosing food and water bowls which are easily carried with you is a great idea while camping with dog. Especially when you’re going to be doing a lot of hiking, investing in a set of collapsible bowls will assist space and lightens your load.

8. Fight Fleas, Ticks, And Other Bugs

Buy a dog-friendly bug spray to ward off undesirable. Also, consider a flea dog collar. Not only can insects make pets uncomfortable, they may also carry diseases that could be life-threatening. Don’t forget to check for ticks at the finish of the day even in the event taking precautions. Defense and offense make for a happy, healthy and bug-free dog. 

9. Don’t Forget Poop Bags

Poop bags are one thing that many people overlook when packing for an outdoor camping trip.

Just like it is far more take your dog on a walk at home, it’s vital to pick up after them. This is constantly the trail clean for everyone avoiding attracting unwanted animal visitors.

10. Don’t Smoke Around Your Dog

We all know that smoking has a direct impact on human health. But what many of us don’t know is that smoking around pets can be just as harmful to their health as it is to ours. So if you are a smoker make sure that you never smoke around your dog.

Have fun with Your Camping Canines!

Dogs love being outside and taking yours along on the family camping trip is a wonderful way for all of anyone to bond. Just be prepared and you’ll be fortunate to enjoy your time along with no stress at the majority of. 

Happy camping with a lovely dog!

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