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The Top 9 DIY Dog Beds

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Everyone needs a convenient place to sleep, including our dogs. Dog beds should not only be comfortable but also well-built, safe, clean, and free from parasites. The market offers a variety of choices, from affordable to luxury dog beds

But do you need to spend a fortune just to buy your canine friend a designer dog bed? Before talking about budget, let’s talk about why your furry friend should get a bed. These are some of the benefits your pooch can get from having their bed.

Benefits of Dog Beds

Coziness and Relaxation

Makeshift beds out of old blankets or pillows cannot make up to the hardness of a floor, and therefore can lead to uncomfortable sleeping positions. As a result, your pooch may become lazy and irritable. Both affordable and luxurious dog beds provide an easier way for your canine friend to rest and sleep.


Maintaining body temperature is important to our canine friends. When pets sleep on the floor or other areas of your home with different temperatures, they may get sick. With dog beds, you don’t need to worry about seasonal periods or temperature changes. There are even luxury pet beds that come with temperature control options.


As dogs age, they are more prone to having arthritis and other joint issues. Our furry friends that are in the larger frame are also at the same risk. Some high-end dog beds offer special orthopedic features. These beds can provide support and pain relief. 

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DIY Dog Beds You Can Try to Make

Designer dog beds can be pricey. Although there are dog beds that come with reasonable costs, it is understandable if you’re still having second doubts about buying. The good news is that you can always let your creative juice flow and build a customized bed for your furry companion.

Your home is filled with outdated materials that just need to be redecorated. When doing your DIY designer pet beds, you can be sure to find stocks at home. Check out these cool ideas to get inspiration!

Computer monitor 

Early computer monitors were bulky and almost all units are already phased out of the sales market today. But don’t throw them out just yet. They can be transformed into looking like luxury pet beds dogs will surely love. These are most ideal for puppies.

Just dismantle the monitor and take out all the screws, tubes, and the circuit board. Next is to sew a pillow that will fit inside. Make sure you get the dimensions right. Finally, you can then paint and accessorize the monitor, reassembling it as if it’s one of those designer pet beds in the market.

Old console TV

Another item you may have at your home that belongs in the 80s or 90s is an old console TV. This can be repurposed into a bed instead of buying a designer dog bed. You can follow the same procedure with computer monitors.

Dismantle and take every piece of material, especially electrical wires, before customizing it to your preferred design. You can even repaint it to make it look like high-end dog beds. This DIY bed is great for smaller pets.

Four-poster table

Do you have an old table that’s just piled in your attic? Let’s put them to good use and convert it like one of those luxury dog beds. Just flip it over then add blankets and cushion into the bare space at the bottom. You can even furnish the legs with mini curtains to give it a majestic vibe. This bed can fit any kind of dog, depending on the size of the table.


Your old drawers or storage compartments make for an ideal bed for your pooch. Paint and decorate them as you please. Then, add comfort necessities like cushions, quilts, padding, and more. Cabinets that you’re not using anymore can also be revamped into luxurious dog beds. 


Business owners use milk crates to transport milk to retail establishments. You can get them from milk crate manufacturers, thrift stores, or flea markets at low prices. If you already own a milk crate and don’t know how to use them again, you can convert them as designer dog beds.

Just add pillows or pet cushions and it’s ready for use. Milkcrate turned into luxury pet beds are suitable for smaller pooches. However, there are also larger crates that can fit bigger dogs.

Wine barrel

If your dog is a little bit bigger, you may want to consider using a wine barrel as a base for your DIY luxury dog beds. Because of its sturdy material, it can withstand your dog’s playfulness. It’s also a perfect match for rustic theme décors. Top it off with a round pillow or cushion and your dog can sleep on it right away.

Vintage suitcase

A used suitcase can be redesigned into designer dog beds. If you’re into retro vibes, this one’s for you. Unscrew the top half from the bottom half and you’ll automatically have two beds. Don’t forget to also remove the wheels. The built-in foam cushion can be replaced with quilts and printed sheets for extra style.


Have a spare tire? Old tires can be recycled and tweaked into looking like luxury pet beds dogs can sleep in. Give the tire a good scrub using soap, water, and brush. Once it’s cleaned up, you can apply it with your choice of spray paint. Don’t forget to include a soft pillow or cushion to ensure your furry friend’s comfort.


We all know how dogs want to snuggle into our clothes. To combine our dog’s love for our clothes and their overall comfort, we can make designer pet beds using our sweaters. Our pets will surely feel more loved through a pet bed made from our cloth.

Begin by sewing the neck opening part, as well as, a V-shaped line starting under the left arm moving across the top of the chest and ending under the right arm. Then fill the arms, neck, and upper chest area with cotton from a pillow. When everything is full, sew the bottom opening to close it. You can finish your designer dog bed by combining the sleeves through sewing.


If humans are comfy with having their beds, then this also applies to our furry companions. They not only provide comfort. Getting your canine friends with luxury pet beds is also beneficial to their health.

Remember that you don’t need to splurge on luxurious dog beds in the market. You can always build a bed for your pet. There are a lot of recyclable materials you can use as well.

Don’t know where or how to produce your own high-end dog beds? Worry no more. We provide informative blogs that help complete your tailor-made projects for your furry friends. 

Find out how you can create luxury pet beds dogs will certainly like through our blogs!

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