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9 Things You Should Pack for a Camping Trip With Your Dog

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Camping with your furry pals can increase the pleasure of tenting out in the forest. Sharing your tent with a naturally enthusiastic pet can give you the energy for waking up at dawn to enjoy the sunrise or try one more trail. Dogs are great camping partners that can provide you a reliable sixth sense that will improve your experience in the woods. Your dog’s keener nose and ears will warn you in case of any danger.

Camping Trip

So, just like any other road trip, camping with your pooch requires some planning. And to make it more fun and get the most out of it, there are numerous essential things that you can’t leave the house without. Our canine pals need several supplies to make the camping adventure a comfortable and safe one. Here are some of the things you must pack when camping with your pooch:

9 Things You Must Pack for a Camping Trip With Your Dog

1.   Food and Water

Changing your dog’s diet while you are on a camping trip won’t be good for his behavior in a new place and digestion, so make sure you carry the right food for your pooch; for example, all French Bulldog owners should pick food suitable for French Bulldogs. Remember, you will be increasing his daily caloric intake to account for the high energy expenditure, so make sure you carry excess food.

Confirm if there is freshwater on the campground and plan accordingly. And since allowing him to drink from the river or lake is not an option, you should treat his water as you do your own. Allowing him to drink from the river or lake can result in numerous illnesses such as leptospirosis or giardiasis. Don’t forget to pack a dog-friendly water bottle and a collapsible bowl.

2.   I.D. Tags

Make sure your furry friend is fitted with an appropriate-sized collar with an up-to-date I.D. tag. You can even add a temporary tag with the location and name of your camping ground and campsite number. The temporary additional information can come in handy in case your pooch goes wandering around the camping ground.

Hikers should consider buying a GPS beacon for their dogs. If your pets are microchipped, make sure their contact information is up-to-date. And if you want to be even more careful, you can carry their current vaccination record, but make sure it’s up-to-date first. And if you plan on kayak fishing with your dog, Fishermen’s Pond recommends that you get him a doggie life jacket.

3.   Poop Bag and a Shovel

You should be considerate of the other people on the trail or campsite just like you are on your neighborhood street. So, make sure you clean up after your pooch and never leave his/her poop behind, especially near high-traffic regions or bodies of water. When backpacking, you should follow the leave-no-trace methodology and bury it in a hole somewhere away from the campsites and trails, so don’t forget to pack a shovel.

4.   Leashes

Most dog-friendly camping sites recommend that all dogs should be on a leash when they are outside your R.V. or tent. So make sure you pack numerous leashes for the camping trip. You should pack a short leash for hikes and walks, a long one for walking around the camping ground, and a backup or two. Ropes can double as a replacement leash in case you don’t have a backup. Therefore, make sure you pack extra stakes that can serve as leash anchors.

Camping Trip dog

5.   First-Aid Kit

A first-aid kit is just as important to your dog as it is to you. After all, camping trips provide your pooch with numerous opportunities to get into trouble; therefore, he might step on some thorns and injure himself. Therefore, carrying your fast-aid kit is mandatory.

Other than the standard first-aid kit items like bandages, tweezers, and hydrogen peroxide, you should pack tecnu, the treatment for exposure to poison oak and poison ivy, and your preferred flea and tick repellent. Make sure you check him for flea every day before getting back into the tent or R.V.  

6.   Doggie Backpack

Instead of hauling your dog’s water and snack on a hiking trail, why don’t you get him a doggie backpack? This way, he will be carrying his food and water as you enjoy the trails. A doggie backpack can be an excellent idea for people who hike a lot. You will have to introduce him to the practice of carrying the backpack before the camping trip.

7.   Bedding and Tarp

Your pooch will appreciate sleeping in his beddings. And when camping during the cold months, you should bring a sleeping bag. For more insulation purposes while sleeping, you should lay a tarp under his beddings. A tarp can also help keep the inside part of your tent clean.

8.   Tent

The best tent for sharing with your pet should be spacious. However, the size and type of camping tent you select will be determined by the size of your dog and how comfy you want things to be. So a trial-and-error approach might come in handy when it comes to finding the right tent that can fit your dog in terms of layout, accessibility, and space. Remember, leaving your dog outside the tent is not an option, given that there is a considerable potential of tangling with dangerous wild animals.

9.   Towels

Like it or not, your dog will get dirty during the camping trip. Your dogs will get soaked, sandy, dusty, and even muddy, so you should be well equipped for this occurrence. Make sure you carry some towels to clean them and dry them off before getting into your R.V. or tent.

Final Thoughts

A camping trip can be a great weekend getaway that you can enjoy with all your family members. And with your dogs’ being part of the family, you have to include them in your plans, especially since numerous camping grounds are pet-friendly. Dogs can improve your camping experience and make your relaxing weekend even more fun. Other than warning you in case of danger, dogs can motivate you to try longer trails and even wake up early to enjoy the sunrise.       

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