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Fleas: What To Do About Them For Your Pooch

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Only a pet parent knows the pain of seeing their sweetheart catching fleas. These insidious parasites not only suck the blood off the skin of your four-legged ball of fur but also spread in your home, eventually affecting both you and your pooch. 

Did you know? According to their size, fleas can jump farther as compared to any other insect. If an average-sized human had the same jumping ability, then they would be able to jump at least 295 feet across and 160 feet high.

When it comes to fleas, the blood-sucking parasites find a home on the skin of dogs, the carpet of your home, or any other soft furnishing inside. 

But, it does not mean that you cannot get rid of them. Here, you will get to know almost everything about them, including the right way to keep them away from your dog. 

So, let’s roll.

How Dogs Get Fleas and How Do They Spread? 

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In the first place, you must be wondering about how do fleas manage to find a home in your dog’s coat. Now you are talking. 

Take a look further, and you will find the answer. 

One of the most common and easiest ways for your dog to get prone to fleas is through another dog. There is a possibility that your dog might have come into contact with fleas while paying a visit to doggy daycare, dog park, or a boarding facility. 

As told above, fleas can jump across a considerable distance, so it is possible that your furry friend might get fleas even without being around an infected dog. 

Fleas may also find a home on your dog’s skin after coming in contact with a cat, any other household pet, or even from you. If you have been to a flea infected area or exposed yourself to an infected animal, then there are chances that you may bring fleas home on your clothes or shoes.

Also, second-hand toys and bedding for dogs might carry fleas in them, so make sure you don’t even get a thought of buying those for your pup. 

If your dog spends time outdoors, then also there is a possibility that they might invite fleas as many outdoor animals are home to this parasite. To avoid this situation, you may introduce your furry friends to artificial lawns

How to Spot Fleas on Dogs

Fleas are dark brown in color and usually are of the size of the head of a small nail (approximately 1-2 mm). They do not like direct light being reflected on them, so the best areas where you may find them include the belly and lower thighs of your dog. 

Now, the easiest way to spot fleas is through flea dirt. All you have to is pick some specks of flea dirt and put the same on a damp paper towel. If the bits turn out to be red stains of blood, then it is definitely flea dirt, and your dog sadly has fleas.

Additional Signs that Your Dog may have Fleas

Now that you know how to spot fleas on dogs, you must also get familiar with a few other signs that may confirm their presence.

dogs and scratching

These signs include: 

  • Pale gums
  • Rashes and hair loss
  • Red spots on the skin of your dog
  • Persistent scratching and chewing the skin

Natural Ways to Avoid Fleas on Dogs

Essential Oils

Many essential oils like eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, citronella, and many more make excellent flea remedies. You may dilute a few drops of the chosen essential oil with water in the spray bottle and spray the same on your dog’s coat.

Lemon Bath 

One of the best things about a lemon bath is that it is way too simple and will leave your dog smelling fresh while keeping it flea free. All you have to do is mix a freshly squeezed lemon into approximately two cups of water, and then add a few drops of pet-friendly bath gel/soap/shampoo for naturally treating fleas in your dog.

Multi-Purpose Neem Oil

It is one of the least known flea treatments and also the most effective natural insect repellent.

To use it, you may either add it to your dog’s shampoo or dilute it to make a flea spray. Also, you may apply it directly to the fur of your dog.

Coconut Oil

Talking of coconut oil, is there anything that it cannot do? It can help in many ways when it comes to treating fleas. Rubbing a spoonful of coconut oil on your dog’s coat will not only help you in preventing fleas but will also keep the coats shiny. 

Tip to take: If you add coconut oil in your dog’s food, then it will also serve as a solution to treat intestinal parasites.

Lather Bath

Any shampoo (of course pet-friendly) that produces lather will help to kill the fleas naturally. You may go for any pet shampoo (make sure that it is organic and does not contain any added chemicals). Leave the shampoo on for a few minutes, after your dog is lathered properly. This is a great way to get rid of the existing fleas on your dog. 

Rosemary Dip

In case, just in case, if your dog likes to play in the water, then this remedy is going to be more fun for your dog than just being a flea remedy. Boil rosemary leaves in water, strain the mixture, and mix it well in the warm water. When the water reaches normal temperature, pour the prepared over your dog, and let it dry naturally.

Natural flea remedies for your home

Do not panic if you find out that your dog has fleas because you already know some of the most amazing natural remedies to keep the bloodsuckers away from your loving canine friend. 

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