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Best 5 Tips for feeding your dog during travel

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Dogs love the thrill of new places as much as humans do, so it would be a shame to leave them. It is important to ensure that your puppy is kept happy throughout their journey, so we have some helpful tips for feeding your dog during the trip. When it comes to traveling via airplane, don’t forget to check if you qualify for an Emotional Support Animal Letter.

1. Fresh water is important

This will save your money and your dog will also get fresh drinking water. Drinking different water in many places can worsen your dog’s health.

Water is required for every important function of the body. Without enough water, your pet may become ill and dehydrated. Some warning signs of dehydration include sunken eyes, pale and dry gums and dry skin. If you do not have enough water, your pet may suffer lethargy or depression.

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Making sure your four-legged friend drinks regularly is vital for content tummies and also consistent toilet breaks. 

2. Pack their food

Packing your dog’s normal food on trips will help ensure that the stomach is not irritated. They may be nervous or excited about being in the car with you. So to minimize any issues, just keep a container of your normal pet food with you and keep as many items as possible in that department.

Make sure you have packed enough for a round trip or if you know somewhere that food especially on the return route.

This point can be particularly useful if it is your first time traveling in a car and plane with your pet; they will not welcome the acquaintance and can help enjoy the journey.

At this point however, there are some fresh foods such as canned pumpkin and yogurt, which are known to be effective in settling an upset stomach. Not only will they reduce disease, these types of foods can also reduce gas.

3. Avoid motion sickness issues

If you think that your dog will be found sick during your trip, you should consult your vet. They can prescribe motion-sickness medicine.

You can also add a spoonful of fiber supplement to your dog’s food; this can help avoid diarrhea that can be brought on by stress and even excitement.

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4. Keep human food to a minimum

You can get away with odd treatments like the last bite of your sandwich, but you don’t need your own sandwich when you have it. Not to be drawn into dogs or sad faces that dogs make wisely either!

If you feed them human food in between their regular meals, they will have to stop to break toilets more often, and if you like the snack en route, they are very close to you and ready to share with you can. Can be prepared for can hope.

Finally, as we have mentioned earlier, keeping their food in line with domestic life will help avoid any inconvenience on the trip.

5. Eat less on travel days

You can own the best pet on the planet with the most relaxing dog in your family, but some concern on their part is almost unavoidable – even if they appear as calm as a cucumber!

More, as we mentioned earlier, motion sickness can upset their stomach very quickly. Therefore, we recommend feeding your pet less than the usual amount of food, which will be on your journey before it is established. This will help in avoiding future accidents.

This is not to say that you have to starve your dog, but simply be aware of the precautions that will help everyone to enjoy the journey.

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