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Best Ideas to Consider Before Adopting a Puppy

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How often do parents hear “I want a puppy!” from their kids? Children don’t get tired of repeating these words over and over again. Yet, even an adult’s heart melts when they see an awkward, but a charming and cute puppy in a pet store or at a friends’ house, and want to take a four-legged buddy for themselves. Some succumb to this immediate wish, only to soon realize that they are not ready to adopt a puppy into their family.

adopting dog

Where will the puppy sleep, how to train it, whom will it stay with when everybody leaves for school or work tomorrow? A lot of these and other questions are now spinning in the mind of a new dog owner. To prevent such a situation and adequately prepare for getting a pup, it is better to ask yourself all these questions in advance. This way when a puppy comes, you will be able to fully enjoy this moment and be free from any doubts.

Here are the top 5 questions people should consider before adopting a puppy. 

Answer These Questions Before Getting a Dog

1. Do all your family members want a dog and are committed to spending daily time with it for the foreseeable future?

Remember the phrase from “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – people become responsible, forever, for what they have tamed. These words will accompany all your life: the dog will become your constant friend and companion for many years. You will need to take care of it – train, feed, clean after, take to the vet, walk several times a day, take it along on vacation, etc. Before getting a puppy, determine if you can devote a considerable amount of your time to your pet, or will the aforementioned chores bore you?

Taking the wishes of all family members into account when adopting a new family member is very important, as they will likely share responsibilities for a pet. 

2. Is anyone in your family allergic to animals?

Many people do not even realize that they are allergic to certain animals until they adopt one. If you have never had a dog and you do not know how your body will take it, you should visit a fellow pet owner, spend several hours with their pet and determine if you have any reaction to it. In case of watery eyes, runny nose, rash on the hands, or other parts of the body, you can take an allergy test and confirm whether the puppy is indeed the cause of your condition. 

Of course, even allergic people can have pets, but it takes great determination and willingness to endure a certain level of discomfort, even though medication can help significantly reduce the effects. 

3. How will you organize your vacation – will you leave the puppy with someone or will you take it with you?

Now you can travel to almost all countries with four-legged friends if you prepare additional documents in advance. Each country has its own documentary requirements regarding pet transportation, so you would have to research this matter before every trip.

If you do not plan on traveling with your dog, you can leave it with your family or friends, or with special service. Either way, aspiring dog owners must be prepared for additional preparations they must do before their travels. Check these tips for traveling with your dog before you book your next vacation.

4. What do you need a puppy for?

What will be the function of your dog? Perhaps you need a reliable guardian to protect your property and family, hunting companion, or fitness buddy for your morning jogging sessions. Each puppy breed has its own character, wants, and needs, so you must research a fitting breed that finds the lifestyle you have in mind comfortable.

If you simply want a companion dog and have average accommodations, you should consider getting a well-tempered small to medium-sized dog.

adopting puppy

5. Will you be able to support a puppy financially?

When deciding on a dog, it is important to correctly assess your financial capabilities in terms of its maintenance. For example, if you have dreamed of a Chowchow, Maltese, or West Highland white terrier all your life, be prepared to purchase quality cosmetics for their long hair, regularly comb your dog, or visit groomers. All these procedures require financial investments, and sometimes very tangible ones. If you’re not willing to include pet care into your budget on a regular basis, maybe you’re not ready for a puppy yet.

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H2: Conclusion

Having a puppy in the house is great. Four-legged friends give us a ton of positive emotions, relieve stress, and help us find joy in little things every day. They become real family members and many owners buy pet portraits at Instapainting for the memory. There is nothing more pleasant than coming home after a tiring day of work and being met with joyful squeals. However, some people do not expect to endure any kind of inconvenience because of their pets and end up regretting their rushed decision. We must remember the pets deserve love and care and should have owners who can give it to them. 

If you are not afraid of any difficulties and are ready for additional responsibility, the day when a small furry miracle appears on your doorstep will likely be among the top gratifying moments of your life.

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