Best Ideas When Traveling With a Pet

In Emotional Support Animal by Emotional Pet Support Team

Pets are a part of the family, so it’s natural for you to want to take them out and about with you. Whether you’re exploring the city, rolling hills or are just visiting loved ones, your pet should be able to come with you for the adventure. 

But whilst you can soothe or entertain a child, having an unpredictable animal in your car can be a cause for worry, especially if you’re a first time pet owner, or this is your pet’s first journey. Here, we give you some top tips to make sure that everything goes smoothly. 

Get your pet used to the car

Your pet will most likely experience their first car journey when you pick them up to take them home. They may find this a little confusing or distressing, but don’t be put off. Taking them for short car journeys as they grow will help them get used to being in a moving vehicle. You should make sure that they feel safe and secure, and then you can gradually build up to longer journeys together.

Use a carrier

Part of making your pet feel secure is giving them their own safe space. Using a carrier for cats or smaller animals, or a crate for dogs, can help your pet understand that they are safe. Put their favourite blanket in the crate or carrier and strap them in securely, so that they don’t slide around. If you want to get them used to being contained, try bringing the carrier or crate into your home so that they can get used to it. 

You should always make sure that any crate or container is well-ventilated.

Take regular breaks

Whilst you might be able to wait a long time for a toilet break, your furry friend might struggle, especially if they’re young. They also need time and space to stretch their legs and sniff around, so make sure that you find a safe spot to stop where you rest before getting back on the road. This also applies to larger animals, such as horses – so make sure to do your research before you leave.

Creating a positive experience will mean that your pet is more likely to feel comfortable getting back in the car in the future. 

Microchip your pet

Having your pet microchipped can help you reunite with them if they do happen to make a quick escape – and it’s easily done when you open the car door. Taking this simple step will reassure you, and make it easier for the people that find your beloved companion on the loose to contact you.

Bring food and water

Whilst you might think that a car journey is going to be quick, there is no accounting for traffic. Even for a short journey, you should make sure to bring water and food for your pet, so that you can keep them comfortable in the event of an unexpected delay. On longer journeys, make sure to feed and water your animal companion at your rest stops. 

There are bottles available that offer the option to give your pet water on the go – training them to drink out of these from a young age can help if you can’t get off the road to take a break.

To sum up

Travelling with your pet should be a positive experience for both sides, helping you go on adventures and create fun memories together. Follow our top tips to help you keep your pet safe and comfortable.