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Best Pet-friendly Floors for Dogs

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Your pet is a part of the family and just like children, your pet will cause a great amount of wear and tear to your home, especially the floors. Therefore, when you are picking out a new floor for your home it is important to think about how it will work with having a dog. So here are some of the best pet-friendly floors so you create a safe home for your pet.

Pick Ones That Are Allergen Resistant

Unless you have a hairless dog, your pet is covered in fur, and not all the fur will stay on their body it will shed. Even though you will maintain its fur and brush them out regularly there will always be fur on the floor. Therefore it is important that you do all that is in your power to keep the air in your home allergen-free. 

Pick Floors That Are Resistant to Moisture

No matter how well trained your dog is, accidents in the house are bound to happen. But not only accidents can harm your floors, but wet paws can also harm it. Let’s be honest you won’t train your dog to wipe their paws before coming into the house. Therefore you must pick a floor that is resistant to moisture. 

Floors that Muffles Noise

If you live in an apartment building, your neighbor can be annoyed by the sound of their paws and nails scratching the floors when they are running around and jumping. To avoid your neighbors being aggravated, make sure you pick an option that will muffle the noise. 

Pick Floors That Are Easy to Clean

Just like we’ve said before even the best-trained pets are bound to have some accidents. To avoid putting in new floors and having them ruined by any type of liquid or spending more time cleaning and taking care of it than enjoying it. To avoid all of that pick one that is easy to clean even if you decide to hire someone who will do it for you. Before making the purchase look at the house cleaning prices for the type of floors that you have. 

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Dog-Friendly Floors We Recommend:

  • Vinyl

Vinyl floors are really easy to install, replace and clean and the perfect option for owners that are working on a limited budget. In comparison to all the options, vinyl is the most affordable, versatile and durable option. Not only is it stain resistant but they are also scratch-resistant, promoting low levels of energy as well as being great noise mufflers. 

  • Bamboo

Bamboo floors are great natural allergen resistant floors while still being wood floors without being super expensive like authentic timber. If you decide to go with bamboo floors, they should be covered with a rug to prevent moisture seeping in the cracks and it getting scratched. 

  • Hardwood

Hardwood floors are the classic choice, they are durable and have a great way of protecting itself from wear and tear that can be caused by your dog. If you take care of it properly, they can last you a lifetime. The only downside is that it is sensitive to scratches and it is quite expensive. 

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  • Tiles

Tiles are the most durable of them all, they are easy to install and completely resistant to moisture. The only downside is that most people don’t want to have their whole house in tiles as they can be quite cold, especially during the colder months.  

  • Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is a great less expensive version of the traditional hardwood floors and they are much easier to install as well as a bit more resistant than traditional ones. But it will require all the same maintenance as the traditional hardwood floors need.  

With just a bit of time, training and planning you, your dog and your nice floors can live a stress-free life. Just make sure that you purchase the most durable floor option your store has to offer. 

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