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Ways to Introduce Your Pet to Your House

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Have you decided to bring a new dog into your home? Welcoming a new dog into your home might sound like an exciting adventure.

However, it is essential to ensure that your preparatory work is done well so that your new dog gets to acclimate to her new environment. Your dog can become familiar with her new home when you create a dog-friendly home for her.

Therefore, it is critical that you learn the necessary steps to bring your new canine into your home.

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Critical steps to bringing a dog into your home:

  1. Identify the Most Appropriate Dog for Your Home

Since there aren’t two breeds of dogs that are alike, it is essential to match the right dog type with the right family or home type.

This step means that you must identify what you love to do if you are to get the right dog for yourself. For instance, if you are more of an indoors person whose weekend is characteristic of watching TV and playing video games, then a high-strung Weimaraner cannot be the right dog choice for you. This is so as this breed requires lots of physical exercises.

Alternatively, if your residence is a small home or apartment which lacks a backyard, then a low-key or small dog breed like a bulldog is your ideal choice compared to a high-energy cattle dog who prefers a lot of room for running up and down.

Secondly, you could determine whether you wish to bring in an adult dog or a puppy. Each option comes with its benefits and challenges.

For instance, bringing a four-months-old-or-below puppy into your home could mean more control over her socialization and training. However, such training means a messy house and accidents. An adult dog might not need training, but she might have already learned bad habits, fears, and traits that you might find hard to break as her new owner.

Indeed, expert views suggest that some adult dog behaviors like aggressiveness, phobia, fear, and strange acting could be a health problem. (1)

So, if adopting an adult dog, veterinary advice is necessary.

  1. Prep the New Home for the Dog

Before you bring your new dog into your home, her acclimation success depends on your home preparation to receive her. Naturally, dogs’ notoriety for adventuring toilets, trash cans, and the food is no new phenomenon. Therefore, ensure that your home is free of any attractive nuisances which could awaken your new dog’s curiosity above normal levels.

When I was getting my new dog into my home, I was particularly keen on eliminating all rat poison and antifreeze from within possible dog reach. Such attractions could present potential health risks to your new companion.

A great way to prep your home for your new god is by acquiring a retractable dog gate. Since your dog is new, there is nothing as convenient and safe as a retractable dog gate. You don’t want your canine wandering off and getting lost in your home or neighborhood. With a retractable dog gate, you can minimize your new dog’s movement and restrict her to within the confines of your home.

But how do you get the best retractable dog gate? Well, ensure that the gate:

1). Easily fits where you would like to place it within your home

2).  Can be collapsed or opened with ease

3). Has a stylish and appealing appearance

4). Has sturdy enough partition material to make it durable and safe for your dog

5).  Can match your dog’s abilities and size

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  1. Find a Reliable Vet

Isn’t it too soon to choose a vet? No, it isn’t. It actually is a good idea to select a reliable vet even before you finally bring your new dog into your home. Do you know that a majority of pet adoption organizations demand that you list the name of your vet when you make a dog adoption application? Therefore, in case of an adoption, choosing a vet not only means a healthy dog but a smoother adoption process.

Friends and family make the best source of vet referrals. Once you have suggestions, you can contact the recommended vets and inform each of them about your intention to bring a new dog into your home. You need to request for information about their veterinary practice. Do not forget to inquire about their hours of service, their per-visit-charges, and their presence for after-hour emergency cases.

When you identify your preferred vet, arrange and meet them in person. This will give you the actual picture of their interaction with other people and your dog. When your decision is finally made, ensure that you make inquiries about the dog food brands for puppies, must-have supplies, and trainers.

While you must not follow each piece of advice from your vet, it is crucial that you get professional views before bringing your new dog into your home. (2)

  1. Settle Your New Dog in Your Home

As you pick up your new dog and bring her to an entirely new environment, keeping your calm is recommended. I know you could be tempted to greet or cuddle your dog as you bring her home, but it is vital that you remain calm. This does not mean you do not give attention or show affection to your dog, but keeping it minimal and accepting the dog into your home allows her to learn and get used to you and get the feel of her new home.

However, it is normal for your dog to exhibit a dip in energy. She is probably worn out from the car ride to her new home, and the change of her environment. Therefore, allow your new dog to spend her first few days sleeping (3).

You need to encourage such rest. Wait until your dog is awake to cuddle and play with her. After a short time, I bet you two will be hooked.


Bring a new dog into your home can be rewarding. However, dog ownership comes with its demands, and it requires careful consideration. Therefore, it is always important to dedicate one’s time to choose the appropriate dog breed, preparing one’s home, and seeking professional input.

With the above steps, your family will be adequately equipped with all the necessary tools to welcome your new dog to your family and home.

Do you have any tips for bringing a new dog into your home? Kindly share.

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