Budget-Friendly Options When Traveling With a Pet

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Traveling with a pet can easily increase your spending budget with various fees, alternative routes, and extra costs. When traveling with your companion, it can take a bit of extra planning on what you should bring and what mode of transportation will be most enjoyable. 

However, going on a trip with your pet can be fun for you and your family, especially if you plan to travel to cool outdoor destinations. Whether you plan to go on a road trip or travel by air, here are some great options that are both cost-effective and will hopefully make your life as an owner a bit easier! 

  1. Road-Trip life: Road-tripping can be the easiest route in terms of having options to stop along the road for mini-breaks. If you are planning on a longer road-trip, camping at national parks along the way is a great cheaper route to go and allows you and your pet to enjoy the open air.
  2. Traveling by air: Many airlines accommodate you and your companion with their versions of pet airfare. Make sure to book both your tickets months in advance for a trip to get the best price for your flights. This is a pricier option of travel but can be easier for both you and your pet when getting to your destination faster. 
  3. Rental properties: You have finally arrived at your destination, but where are you going to stay with your pet? There are plenty of nice rental properties that are dog-friendly, and if you pick a time of the year that is not necessarily a holiday time, these can be pretty cheap places to stay. 
  4. Pick destinations with great outdoor activities: If you plan to travel with your pet and want to give them the best experience possible, it is best to choose destinations that provide a variety of outdoor activities for both you and your companion. Places like Bend, Oregon with lots of hiking trails, to Huntington Beach, California to enjoy plenty of waves are great options for a quick travel getaway. These activities are typically free to access, and by choosing a moderately priced rental property for your stay and road-tripping to your destination, your overall travel budget will hopefully not break the bank! 
  5. Opt-out of using a rental car: If you choose to travel via air, you might need to think about transportation. Transportation resources like Uber allow for pet-travel, so you can save a bit of money on opting out of getting a rental vehicle for your stay. 

Needing a couple of extra tips on how to best travel with your dog? Check out these four tips on what you should bring with you next time you go on a trip with your furry companion.

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