The Top 5 Soft Dry Cat Foods

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If you’re a cat owner, then you know how picky cats are about what they eat. They love fresh food, and that is easy to eat. If you get dry food for your furry pet, you need to ensure it’s soft so the cat can enjoy eating it. If the cat loves the food, then it will be much easier to get them to eat regularly. This is also great if you have a kitten that’s a few months old. They are able to chew small bits off. So how should you go about getting the best soft cat foods? These steps will guide you through the process.

Consider The Brand Reputation

When you start searching for brands online, reputation is key. You must see what other cat lovers think of the brand. How do they produce food? What breeds may be affected by what brands? These are some of the things that you will find out from a great online search. If you see a brand with most of the positive reviews in the last few years, then this is the brand to go for.


Now that you’ve already paid attention to the brands, you need to get the foods with the most nutrition for the cat. You must also ensure that you get the right ingredients for the cat at each age. Younger kittens may not be able to digest certain ingredients. Choosing the right soft dry cat foods will ensure that they have food that is easy for them to digest, and that will not cause them to get sick.

The Amount of Protein

Your cat loves to hunt and kill fresh food. However, this may not be an option at times. That means you will have to supplement their diet with food that has enough protein. There are options like tuna, salmon, chicken, and such. You can decide to alternate the protein source so that the kitty can have variety. This way, their appetite does not get affected. 

Probiotics Present

Keep in mind that your cat needs enough probiotics, but if they taste a flavor, they may reject the food. Get food that has flavorless probiotics so that the cat will not refuse to eat. It is also important to note that some foods may be flavorless but could get the cat’s stomach upset. You do not want your cat suffering a case of diarrhea, so you should ensure that the brand you get is suitable for the breed you have.

Carbohydrates Available

Cats need carbohydrates, but not in large amounts. You need to make sure that you pick soft dry foods that have minimal amounts of carbohydrates. Too much of it and your feline friend may become obese. This means that your cat could start getting sick due to too many calories. To avoid this, choose foods with high protein and low carbohydrates.

Five Soft Cat Food Picks

1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Adult Dry Cat Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness is a green free high in protein line with absolutely no corn, wheat, or soy, making wilderness the perfect meal for your kitty. Blue Buffalo Wilderness features meat as the first ingredient. It uses high-quality, unique protein sources inspired by the insertion diet of a kitty like chicken, duck, and salmon as the first ingredient.

They’re recipes for different life stages and lifestyles like an indoor cat to guarantee your fur baby goes into a strong, proud feline. And for our fluffier kitties, Blue Buffalo Wilderness has to weight control formulas that have the perfect blend of protein and fat to keep your feline in tip-top shape. 

There’s even a hairball control formula that has the right blend of natural fibers to help push further through the digestive tract. Each blue buffalo recipe features like sauce bits designed by holistic vegetarians and nutritionists with a precise blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making them a perfect choice for parents who want to give their cats the best nutritious food.

2. Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend Adult Cat Food

First launched in 1986, Purina One is Purina’s first undertaking in the competitive and demanding world of premium pet foods. From the beginning, the Purina brand was marketed as a natural brand offering what the company considered to be a highly nutritious selection of valuable ingredients to ensure better health and growth for cats across different life stages and lifestyles.

Today, the brand has many other segments of pet food designed to meet the specific needs of pets and flavor hunters, “ONE” being considered close to Plan Pro and all of the above. Purina One is also one of the cheapest premium cat foods on the market, providing an average of 366 calories per cup, sufficient to keep any cat active all day and night. And unlike many brands who offer their products at very low prices, often intoxicated from chemicals, gluten meal, by-products, artificial colors, and more, Purina One’s ingredients come primarily from North America, with beef fat as its main ingredient to enrich your feline dietary with the necessary fats.

Other ingredients include chicken and salmon, as well as fruits and vegetables, to provide the necessary balance of fat and protein needed for a wholesome diet. What’s more, these high-quality, relatively affordable cat foods contain no artificial preservatives, making them easier for cats to digest, leading to strong muscles, an enhanced immune system, healthier coats, and moisturized skin.

3. Meow Mix Tender Centers Dry Cat Food

Ranked among the most popular cat food brands in the United States, Meow Mix Tender, which offers a variety of pet food supplements, is an attractive option for pet owners because of its relatively low price.

Understanding the varied needs of cats of different ages and lifestyles, Meow Mix Tender Centers ensure their cat foods provide the necessary balance of essential nutrients to promote good digestive health, a superior coat, enhanced immunity and heart health.

What’s the Best Soft Cat Food?

Offering an excellent range of choices to satisfy even the most finicky cats, Blue Buffalo Wilderness features unique protein blends such as duck and chicken combined with no artificial flavors or preservatives, making it truly the best wet cat food on the market.

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