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Can A Rat Be An Emotional Support Animal?

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There are many reasons why rats are such good emotional support animals. From their unwavering loyalty to their owners to their impressive intelligence and consistent cleanliness, rats are some of the most amazing animals and the best ESAs you could ask for. Rats can be considered to be quite an exotic pet to choose.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider registering an emotional support rat:

Their loyalty

Like many mammals, rats are extremely loyal creatures once they form a bond with their owner, which they can achieve quite quickly. They are also easily domesticated, with the first known case dating back to the 18th century. Rats are species that quickly and efficiently adapt to any conditions, including providing emotional support.

Rats are also very physical, cuddly creatures. They love to climb up and around their owners to bond with them and are generally very affectionate. This also makes them ideal for children as they are small, non-threatening and will shower any child with love, providing a strong foundation of emotional support.

Their Intelligence

ESAs can take all forms depending entirely on your wants and needs. However, animals that exhibit a higher level of consciousness are usually the ones we humans are most drawn to and seek for emotional support from. This is why mammals are usually the most popular type of pet and we can empathize with our dogs, cats and rats more than our fish.

Have you ever wondered why rats are such a common subject of scientific experiments? They regularly rank very high in tests of intelligence and awareness. There is evidence that rats are as smart as dogs with their ability to recall patterns, play games and respond to their name.

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Their purity

Despite their bad reputation for living in filth, rats are actually extremely clean animals. They spend most of their time grooming themselves and each other. They are smart enough to learn to use a litter box as quickly as cats, which is a testament to their ability to domesticate quickly. You’ll never have to go out of your way to groom your rat again.

If you decide to bathe the rat and prepare it with soap and water, he can do it himself. Their pure nature will be a relief to anyone who needs emotional support, as these pets are very self-sufficient.

Their Personality

Perhaps due to their intelligence, rats have very different personalities. They are deeply conscious animals and foster a closer sense of connection with their owners. Emotional attachment is an integral part of emotional support, the main purpose of ESAs, which means rats may qualify better than most other pets.

Their inquisitiveness, wisdom and affinity for cuddling make rats some of the most qualified animals when it comes to choosing an ESA.

Their small size

Bringing an animal with you for emotional support is the primary factor people have in mind when considering registering their pet as an ESA. One of the biggest benefits that an ESA letter provides to its owner is that the said person’s pet can be with them even in public places. This means that people with ESAs can take their animals with them on commercial flights to ensure optimal safety for both the passenger and their emotional support animal.

If you have a designated ESA rat, it is much easier to bring it to places that are usually designed for service animals at most than if you had an animal of a different size or species. Rats can simply be confined in their cage and provide optimal ESA comfort.

Their availability and convenience

Rats are common and readily available pets that can be found at any local pet store, making them an affordable ESA option for everyone. Moreover, unlike a dog, they are not animals that require constant access outside the house or free reign. Rat food, feed, and cages are relatively inexpensive compared to common pet supplies and require very little beyond regular food and water.

A rat would require the most love and attention from you, like many domesticated animals. This reliance on the owner is essential for the rat and can serve as a pillar of emotional support, making them perfect ESA candidates.


The rat is the perfect animal if you are looking for animal options that qualify as ESAs. They are low maintenance, exceptionally intelligent, very clean and easy to take with you when you travel. They are sweet, caring animals who can entertain you and fulfill your mental health needs as all pets should.

Ultimately, the purpose of an ESA is to provide a sense of comfort and emotional stability, something rats are more than capable of.

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