Interested in working for us?

Emotional Pet Support is always looking for new and active team-oriented members to join its ever-growing team.

Licensed Mental Health / Medical Professionals

We at Emotional Pet Support pride ourselves in having the best licensed medical professionals in the United States of America. Due to various laws, currencies, and language barriers, we cannot offer positions internationally - only in the United States.

Psychologists / LPC / SW / MA

We are looking for motivated licensed psychologists who usually have a few hours of free time every day. They are one of the best suited for this industry.

careers psychologist


If you're a psychiatrist, please do apply. We could use psychiatrists just as much as we could use psychologists, both are excellent for this industry!

careers psychiatrist

Medical Doctors

Medical doctors are not only authorized to prescribe ESA letters, but we prefer those with an M.D. over anyone else.

careers medical doctor

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