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Top 5 Tips When Caring For Newborn Puppies with whelping box

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There are several things that the pet owners do wrong after they have little ones. When we talk about the dog, they produce more puppies and not one. So, here taking care of them becomes more important. Handling 4-5 or more no. of puppies requires lots of knowledge and patience. The very 1st thing that is needed is the whelping box for mom and her kids. Have a look at below, and you will discover the five things you should have known before having puppies.

A warm whelping box

Newbies are really weak and need protection all the time from climate, wild creatures, and at times their mothers themselves. These tiny ones can be squished under their mother unknowingly. A whelping box is a safe house for the newborn puppies as well as their mom. For those who have a pregnant dog, should invest in a high-quality whelping box. The best time to get a whelping box is when the dog is 7th or 8th month pregnant. This will make the dog feel comfortable during delivery, and after that, she can make her babies grow well.

Nutritious food today will keep them stronger for life

For the first few weeks, the newborn babies can only have mother’s food and not the solid regular food. The mom needs to eat right and not the leftovers at all. Daily intake of calories, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Good food will lead to an increase in your puppy’s weight, and that is an excellent sign. If by any chance, the newborn does not participate in any activity and always sleeps, then it is possible that he/she might be unwell. So make sure you give your dog the best food and keep them healthy.

Cleanliness if the key to good health

A clean environment around the newborn puppies is the most notable point for every pet parent. The more messy area you will have, the more unclean your puppies will become. So keeping the surroundings clean will make them learn how not to litter everywhere and spot the difference between good and bad areas. You can also make your newborn puppies keep in an open space to notice all their moves, likes, and dislikes. This will help you know the taste of your little one. It would be best if you took proper care when it comes to cleanliness as the tinny beings may catch infection and allergies too.

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Socializing the newborns

Every pet you have has to be well trained, disciplined, and he/she should obey your command. It often happens that your friends, relatives, or neighbor visits your place, and your dog bombards fear by constantly barking at them. So when these puppies are newly born, you should make them learn to meet people with peace and socialize with everyone. This activity will protect your puppy from knowing which person is good or bad through their actions. So if you have a little pup, do not keep him/her closed in a box for days. Let them be free and interact with people, birds, and all the different creatures.

Visit Vet

As a matter of fact and through research, it is proven that the last delivered baby of a dog is weak as compared to the other ones. But visiting the vet can make all the puppies healthier. So every pet owner should visit a vet once a month to make sure that the newborn kids are healthy. This will also help you to know if the intake of food is proper and suitable to the puppies or not. 

Now when you welcome newborn puppies at your place, make sure you are well prepared. This article will always help you to take proper care of the newbies. Make sure you take care of your puppies with the utmost care, love, and kindness.

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