Cat Furniture: Modern and Versatile

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Many people love the idea of having a cat in their home; they make great companions for humans. However, many new feline owners do not adequately prepare for the part where this pet gives their furniture several scratches. Since they are quite territorial, it is not unusual for cats to pick a particular home furniture or part of the home furniture they love as their comfort zone. This implies that they would be giving that furniture lots of scratches. 

The act of scratching furniture is nothing destructive for cats. Many a time, they are just marking their territory, giving warning, trying to greet you (their owner), or they are simply scratching. It is merely a behavior cats display; nothing more, nothing less. This is sure to damage the furniture in question; something nobody likes for their house and the expensive furniture they may have stock it up with. 

Yet, cats like the feeling of having many material things that as theirs. They need a territory to rule, hence, the more furniture they have to make their dreams come true, the better. For this reason, it is important that your cat has their own furniture for their personalized use. This would be furniture they can scratch or comfortably use to achieve the aim of creating their own territory. Now, if you are looking to make your cat comfortable and you go ahead to get a lot of furniture, you may hardly have enough room for your own furniture or your own stuff. This is not what any cat owner is looking to achieve. Foldable furniture may work to your advantage in this case, since you can always pack them up while leaving a primary furniture for them to use. 

When looking to get furniture for your cat, you may want to look out for furniture that look enclosed, or perhaps tree-like. There are several cat interior companies that have designed furniture that fits into the unique needs of cats. The kind of furniture that will fit perfectly into what cat owners look for in this day and age can be described using two words, “modern” and “versatile”. It is important that they are versatile because of cats, their territorial nature, and their “scratching”. These modern furniture are made using material that is great for scratching. It is important to get these modern designs, as they have been made factoring everything a cat would need. 

If you are new in the game and you have no idea how to set up your home for your cat or the kind of furniture they want, apart from the widely known large cat condos, we have discussed a few  other important furniture below, to make things easier for you. 

Kitty Beds for Sleeping Indoor

Getting a bed for your kitty is a no-brainer. This is probably the first thing every feline owner thinks of, on bringing one home. You may not even get only one cat bed; you may want a couple of them where your cat can snuggle up close to you and lay in. One kitty bed in your living room and another in your home office is never a bad idea. There are several kitty beds on the market made with great material that can be transformed into different shapes and sizes for ease of use for your kitty. 

The beds do not have to be random beds; they can also be in form of small pet houses that can simply serve as tiny houses for your kitty. Some of these pet houses can also be collapsed, zipped up, and carried around as a carrier. Beds for your cat(s) do not have to be boring. You can get creative with beds by getting a bed that also takes temperature into account. There are various modern and versatile types on the market, that are also heated beds—suitable for keeping your feline friend warm in cold times. 

Feeding Station (Outdoor)

If your cat is an outdoor cat, then this is a furniture piece you want them to have for their comfort. Protecting the food and the water of your cat to keep them strong is so important. Keeping food bowls outside may imply that debris and (even) rain will contaminate them. However, with outdoor heating houses, the food should be just fine (especially if you use a warmer to maintain the temperature as well). 

Speaking of the outdoors, an outdoor cat house is also always a good idea for outdoor cats or indoor-outdoor cats. There are several modern and versatile products on the market, with many of them also taking temperature into account. 


You would also find several tall spaces for climbing (as cats have the need to climb), window perches (which cats may need for watching TV), and the list goes on. While shopping to make your cat comfortable, remember to keep it at the back of your mind that there are several modern and versatile options on the market to suit your cat’s needs. All the best.

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