How Pets Make You Feel Happier

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Right now, we are living in a tough time. Most of us have to practice social distancing and stay at home for weeks without leaving. Being in this situation can force you in a very dark place mentally and emotionally, especially if you are an extrovert and crave to socialize every day.  Here’s where having a pet can help you …

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8 Important Things to Know When Planning to Own a Pet Business

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Starting a pet business can be super exciting, especially if you’re a pet lover. However, just like any business, it’s not that simple. So before you start running one, here are eight essential thingsthat you should know:  1. Conduct a research Like any other business, doing research is the best way to start a pet business. Stuff like how many …

How to write a stellar essay about pet animals

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Chuck Palahniuk said: “Humanity is determined not by the way we communicate with people, but by the way we behave with animals.” Many people have pets. This is not a decoration for their homes, pets fill the home with clean, new energy, distract from gray everyday life and always delight their owner with love.  In fact, it doesn’t matter what …

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Can Humans Take Pet CBD Oil?

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One of the products grabbing attention all over the world is cannabinoid oil, also referred to as CBD oil. This oil is derived from marijuana or other species of cannabis plants and thus the name “cannabinoid.” Cannabis plants have been known for their medicinal properties for decades; this CBD oil is also rich in such properties. And you know what …

How to Negotiate Pets with Skeptical Landlords

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It’s a common dilemma for pet owners. You find the perfect property, but the landlord doesn’t allow pets. Do you keep looking for a new place to rent, or can you negotiate with the landlord? If you choose to negotiate with the landlord, how do you convince them to change their mind? Here are eight pointers on persuading your landlord …

Getting Pet Ready in Five Easy Steps

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Whether it is your first or not, pets make any home brighter. After choosing what animal you want, take the time to make sure your home is ready to welcome them as soon as they arrive.   Follow these easy steps to make your home pet-ready.  Safety First  Once you have chosen what kind of pet you want, it is time to …

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How To Tame A Stray Cat: General Tips

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The desire to shelter a homeless cat can arise for various reasons. Some people take an animal home because they just can’t indifferently go past a hungry and hunted cat. Others bring a wounded or sick cat to the house for first aid and can no longer return the fur-fur to the street. Regardless of the reasons for the appearance …

CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats: Just How Important is This for your Furry Friends?

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Here is an interesting trivia: did you know that in the US alone, American pet owners spend a staggering $62 billion for their pets every year? For the most part, prescription drugs and expensive veterinary bills take a considerable part of the billion-dollar pet industry. It’s no wonder why more and more pet owners today start to turn to natural …

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Do Animals Need Sleep?

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For humans, feeling refreshed and relaxed involves nightly sleep lasting 7-8 hours. This means that humans should ideally spend one-third of their lives fast asleep. While asleep, humans will circulate throughout REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and non-REM sleep. There are four phases of non-REM sleep—each one imperative in ensuring you receive a deep and restorative night’s sleep. According to …

Can Cats get depressed?

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According to the definition, depression is a state of mind producing severe, long-term lowering of enjoyment of life or inability to visualize a happy future. It can also be a period of unhappiness or low morale, which lasts longer than several weeks.  Since many people around the world keep cats as their pets in their homes, I know you are wondering, can …