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Puppy plays with iPad App

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Are you a mobile software developer? Do you program in Swift, Objective-C, Java or any language for a mobile device? Do you want to make an app for pets to play? Well, we have some inspiration for you here! Watch as this adorable puppy playing with an iPad app. When a pet plays with an app on a device, you …

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Resolution Ideas For Your ESA

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If you love your emotional support animal a lot, you’re also probably wondering what you can do to make its life as efficient as yours! Well, besides feeding it and giving it water every day, and petting it, we have compiled a list of resolutions or things that you can do to ensure that your ESA is just as caught …

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Pets May Reduce Obesity and Allergy

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So, by now you may know that having a pet or an Emotional Support Animal physically by your side will help you alleviate any mental distress or illness. However, did you also know that having them may also help with obesity and allergies? Well, the University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry recently did a study and this is their conclusion: …

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Exotic Emotional Support Animals

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Emotional Support Animals can be almost any animal! From dogs and cats to guinea pigs and turtles, in these stressful times, we all need a companion animal. We have compiled a list of some exotic and interesting emotional support animals just for you. Again, these animals serve their purpose and provide the love and companionship that any other animal would …

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Homemade Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

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We think that this is such a winner that we even shared it on Pinterest! This DIY treat will have your dog begging you for more! One cookie at a time, savor every bite because this delectable masterpiece is one your dog can’t live without! Ingredients: 2 tablespoons corn oil 1/2 cup peanut butter 1 cup of water 1 cup …

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5 Tips to take care of your Turtle

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Turtles can make amazing pets to many people. Learning how to care for a pet turtle the right way is certainly worth the time, effort, and money when you have a pet that can be around longer than you! Emotional Pet Support has five useful tips to help you have a healthy and long-living turtle! 1 Educate yourself about your turtle type …

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Why Do Our Pet Snakes Yawn?

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If you have a pet snake or if it’s your Emotional Support Animal, whether it’s an Emotional Support Animal or not you may have been curious at some point! So if it’s not sleepiness, then why DO snakes “yawn”? And are they actually even yawning at all? Reason Why Snakes Yawn Snakes frequently eat prey that is larger than their heads. They …

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Are Fish Expensive Pets?

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Aquariums can be quite expensive, especially if you intend on keeping a rare saltwater fish. But you do not necessarily need to buy an incredibly costly setup in order to keep your fish happy. If you’ve read our guide on pet costs, you might have a better idea on the costs of owning an Emotional Support Animal fish. Fish Worth a …