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Why Do Cats Sleep In The Sink?

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The shape of sinks usually accommodates most cat’s body quite well. Usually, longhaired cats, in particular, will sleep in the sink during the summer season because it is hot. If you were to place your hand in the sink you will find that the sink, along with the bathtub, is the coolest places around. But of course, the bathtub isn’t as comforting as the sink.

Fresh Water

Cats dislike water for a number of reasons. Well, it’s theorized that cats can actually detect the chemicals put into the public water supply for sanitation purposes. Cats prefer untampered and unadulterated water, meaning that they want to drink water that we humans would normally want to avoid. While we drink our bottled Kirkland Signature water, our cat wants to drink faucet water. They are able to detect the chemicals that are put into the water supply that we prefer but cats don’t like. Next time your cat needs water, go fill up their bowl at the sink.



Sometimes, your cat might know that you need to access the sink. It might purposely snuggle itself in the sink so that you can’t miss it. Cats do this on purpose for attention and love. By doing this, your cat is reminding you that the most important part of the day is loving your cat (Emotional Support Animal).

There are lots of reasons why your cat might be napping in your bathroom sink but one thing is certain: it’s not a good idea to turn the faucet on while your cat’s in the sink.

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