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Challenges in the ‘New Normal’: Ways the Coronavirus Has Changed Our Lives

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By now, we’re all unsettlingly familiar with COVID-19. Something else we’re all familiar with is the life changes it has brought about, even for those of us who’ve not been infected. As a society, we’ve had to find ingenious ways to cope with a sudden and drastic upheaval in our lifestyles. From humorous bad self-haircuts to more serious issues, including things like divorce, the pandemic is definitely leaving a mark on our lives.

Emotional Pet Support believes in helping people (and animals!) live optimally healthy and happy lives. With that in mind, let’s look at some of these challenges and changes we’re undergoing. 

What are we doing now?

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One of the least life-changing effects of living through this global pandemic is the lack of access to spas and salons. Some of us are coping by hosting our own home-based pampering sessions while we self-isolate. While a professional massage and facial might not be in your plans, a little extra TLC for your skin, joints and so forth, can keep you looking and feeling your best. 

One of the more widespread side-effects is that more people than ever—especially kids—are getting home haircuts. Fortunately, for moms of little boys, this is a relatively simple task, with the worst-case scenario being a nice buzz cut. Girls’ hair, however, can be a little trickier. 

Another commonality is the number of pets being adopted. People with children, seniors, and singles have left pet shelters across the country virtually empty. This is great news for both the animals and the people with whom they now live. 

Part of the reason for this sudden rush to adopt is that animals relieve stress. They can also lessen the symptoms of depression while serving as faithful companions, and can make wonderful support animals as a result. If you’ve considered bringing home a new pet but have stalled because of viral spread concerns, Mother Nature Network points out just how unlikely it is that dogs can infect humans. In other words, go for it!

Major life changes

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While cutting your own hair and adopting a pet are mildly significant, a hefty chunk of the population has experienced even more life-changing events. The two most concerning that come to mind are job loss and divorce.

Millions of people have filed for unemployment since March, and there are some jobs that may never be reinstated. This does not mean, however, that you have to be content with not working. Now is a great time to flip the script and pursue a passion you may have forgone. For example, if you ever considered starting a blog, painting murals, or writing a children’s book, now is the time to start. 

Unless you’re an artist, however, the latter of these ideas may require that you connect with someone who can bring your vision to life. You can find children’s book illustrators for hire on freelance platforms or by networking with your friends and family via social media. 

Divorce attorneys are likely going to be very busy through the end of the year. Spouses being stuck at home together almost 100 percent of the time — and even some that have been separated throughout the pandemic — may be finding out just how little they get along during times of stress. Keep in mind that many therapists now offer telephone or video-based sessions. A marriage counselor can’t destress the situation for you, but they can help you and your spouse learn how to cope together.

While we’ve lived through global pandemics before, we have never seen anything to this scale. Changes that we make now may not last forever, but those that do have the power to alter the course of our future. The best thing you can do for yourself now is to take things in stride, relieve anxiety, embrace change, and fight for what you love. You do not have to let the coronavirus interfere with your ability to follow your passions.

Connect with Emotional Pet Support for more tips and advice that will help you and yours thrive throughout the pandemic and beyond.

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