Combating Loneliness with Pets on Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s time to think about those who are special to us. But there are no rules to say that this commercial celebration of love has to be human-shaped. 

The reason for this is simple: our animals give us unconditional love, and most prove to be the most loyal companions. They are also the perfect remedy to loneliness for those who are single, making them important for events such as Valentine’s Day. Pets keep us company when no-one else is around, and they help us maintain a positive mindset whether we are coupled up or not!  

Loneliness during the pandemic 

It’s more important than ever to maintain connections during the pandemic, but COVID restrictions make it difficult to socialize or build meaningful relationships. So we need our furry friends more than ever. Pets provide a range of therapeutic benefits, giving us purpose and keeping us motivated, as well as helping to minimize stress during these challenging times. 

While many people choose to own a dog for fitness reasons, or cats for their affectionate nature, there’s also evidence that smaller, lower maintenance pets are just as valuable. For example, just looking at a fish tank can lower heart rate by 7%, and just being near an aquarium can reduce anxiety by 12%. So for anyone feeling alone or isolated, particularly during national holidays like Valentine’s Day, pets can be a great support to help you through. 

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for humans

Although it’s customary to send cards and gifts to your significant other, Cupid’s big day can also be a time to surprise your furry friend. There are many ways you can treat your pet, and here are some fun ideas to make their day as special as yours:

  • Gift them with a new toy to play with
  • Make them a cute DIY pet collar to say “thank you” by following the guide below
  • Give them extra treats or a special home-cooked meal
  • Arrange a playdate with another pet
  • Donate to a local animal shelter in your pet’s name
  • Help them relax with a massage

As well as showing them how much you care on Valentine’s Day, it’s important to give them affection daily. So don’t wait until the next national holiday to give them an extra treat or playtime. 

Happy celebrating!


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