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Differences Between A Wolf and A Dog

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If you’re reading this blog, you too may have pondered the differences between a dog and wolf at some point in your life. Have you ever seen a dog owner walking their emotional support dog? Owning a wolf cannot be an impossible task, but there have been times in which people have mistaken a husky dog for an actual wolf. Thus, it just might be a good idea for one to become educated on the differences between the two:

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  1. Huskies are not descended from wolves at all

    However, studies show that huskies share an unusually large number of genes with ancient wolves, so we can forgive you for wondering, is a husky a wolf? Unlike a wolf, a husky is a domesticated animal and, although related, the two are completely different species.

  2. Dogs and wolves behave differently!

    Like all dogs, a husky never mentally becomes an adult, which allows an owner to control their behavior through a regular training schedule. Furthermore, huskies are a highly intelligent breed of dog and take to training well.

    By their nature, wolves are wild animals and are not that easy to train. Put it this way – you won’t ever find them performing typical dog tricks.

    They hunt and live within a large pack of other wolves and certainly won’t fit in with your human family. Not to mention that you need a difficult to acquire a permit to own one!

  3. They have different minds

    Dogs only develop to the mental stage of a 10 to 30-day old wolf puppy. This means that mentally dogs never become adults, which allows humans to be able to tell a dog what to do because dogs want to please us. This lack of mental maturity also makes dogs more aggressive than wolves, since aggressiveness is many baby animals’ natural defense.

Final Words on Wolf vs Dog

Dogs and wolves may look the same and be quite similar in terms of genetics, but their behaviors and minds are quite divergent! Interestingly, huskies can have two different colored eyes, like some cats, whereas wolves cannot have different colored eyes. It is suggested that you get yourself a husky as wolves are innately much more difficult and independent than dogs.

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