Do Small Pets Help with Stress?

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Opinion Piece:

YES, they really do!

You might be surprised, but researchers have linked owning a small animal as a pet to a whole range of health benefits. These include:


But it’s not just the experts and scientists that have discovered the positive effects of human-animal interaction; people with pets have caught on too! A wide-scale survey confirmed that 74% of pet owners naturally noticed this positive mental health impact.

So, how are our furry friends pulling this off?

1. They relax us

If you’ve ever owned pets, you know what we’re talking about. 

Animals always seem to know that, in the end, everything will be okay, and they have no problems letting you know. We suspect it’s because they live in the moment and aren’t guilty of getting lost in past or future worries. Unlike us!

This genuine ‘mindfulness’ has an unbelievable calming effect. Thanks for your help, wise pets!

2. They cheer us up

The next time you’re feeling down or stressed, sit next to one of your animals (or a friend’s one) and have a nice, long petting session. Odds are that both of you will end up feeling calmer and loved.

That’s the effect of all the feel-good hormones (like serotonin and dopamine) running free and partying!

3. They distract us

It’s hard to stay stressed when you have an adorable pet continually trying to grab your attention…

They might seem annoying at first, but then they’ll break you down, and you’ll end up speaking to them in a cheery, high-pitched voice. This will distract you from your worries and break you free from negative thoughts and emotions.

4. They make us social

Animals help us open up and feel comfortable about ourselves. That’s why even hospitals and nursing homes use them as a way to communicate with challenging patients.

You can test this human-animal bond for yourself. Just take your pet with you the next time you leave the house and then count how many more people speak to you compared to when you’re alone. It’s incredible! 🐾

Who knows, your pet might even help you find a best friend!

5. They give us structure

Rain or shine, you need to care for your pet. An animal needs a consistent routine: food, water, playtime, and bedding changes…

That’s how animals do it!

We can 100% confirm that lower stress levels and improved mental well-being are among the many benefits of pets. So maybe it’s about time you take a screen break and find yourself a furball to cuddle… your brain will thank you! You can read more about pet ownership, and how to care for your pets on

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