Dog Allergy: How to keep your dog safe from allergies?

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One of the most common problems among dogs is allergies. The internet is filled with websites that solely target allergy issues in dogs. No matter how common or harmless the allergies might look, but they always put a challenge in front of the owner. 

That’s why consulting a vet under such circumstances is the only sane option that remains. But the real question is how one can avoid those allergies and keep the dog safe? 

No matter how much we invest our time in taking care of our beloved pet, there’s always a scenario where your dog gets sick due to allergies. Allergies that occur in places like skin, feet, ears or stomach can really take a toll on your pet’s health. 

If you want to know how to keep your dog safe if the dog is suffering from allergies, you have to let go of those pharmaceutical drugs that are available in the market. Even though there are high chances of these drugs working but still they put your dog in danger by suppressing their immune system. You have to know that there are much safer ways to get rid of allergies than opting for pharmaceuticals. Drugs can not only do short term damage, but they also harm your pet in the long run. 

Signs of allergies in dogs

When it comes to dogs, there are several ways in which you can tell if it is suffering from allergies or not. The list of symptoms given below will tell you if your dog is suffering from allergies or not.

  • Repeated scratching
  • Red, scabbed skin
  • Sneezing
  • Diarrhea
  • Runny eyes
  • Constant itch at the base of the tail
  • Vomiting
  • Swollen paws

These are the general symptom that will tell you if your dog is suffering from allergies. These are the kind of allergies that dogs get from grass, feathers, dust, pollen, food ingredients, cigarette some, perfumes, fabrics, drugs, fleas, etc. These are common allergens that as a dog owner, you should worry about. 

Ways to relieve allergy 

The initial step towards helping your pet deal with the allergies is identifying its source. Usually, a visit to a vet will help you in determining what the fuss is all about. A doctor will do some tests in order to isolate the allergen which is making your pet uncomfortable and then provide a treatment for that. Know that if your dog is prone to allergens in your house, then it is time to do a thorough cleanup of your house and remove all the dust from the house. 

To ensure that your dog is safe from allergies, you can take certain measures. Some of them are given below. 

  • Quercetin

Quercetin for dogs is one of the best ways to get rid of the inflammation and scratching. It is considered a powerful antioxidant found in nature. And since it is all natural, there aren’t any side-effects that you should be worried about. When it comes to easing the pain from all that scratching your dog’s been doing, the substance works amazingly well. It also reduces the redness, making it effective against skin allergies. Moreover, quercetin comes with bromelain, which is blended in it making it even more effective. Bromelain helps in better absorption of the drug in their bodies. Bromelain is also an organic substance making it safe for your dog. 

  • Green tea

A lot of people don’t know that green tea is a natural way of treating skin allergies in dogs. Since green tea show anti-histamine properties, it can help in getting rid of the itchy skin. Also, it prevents skin inflammation. In order to make it work, you can apply green tea directly to your pet’s inflamed skin. This can help in soothing the pain and provide relief to your dog. 

  • Licorice root

Licorice root because of its anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic and anti-microbial properties is used to treat allergies in dogs and keeping them safe. It is more or less like the conventional drugs but better. Unlike conventional drugs that weaken the dog’s immune system, licorice completes its job without doing any harm to the immune system of your dog. It enhances the anti-inflammatory processes of the body. This can help in reducing symptoms like itching, eczema, UTI’s, liver diseases etc. So we can say that it is pretty amazing when it comes to keeping your pet safe from allergies. 

How to prevent allergies in dogs?

In order to help your pet in avoiding allergies, there are some measures you can take. These measures involve general things you can do and change you can bring in your regular life that can impact your pet’s quality of life and improve it. 

Find the root cause of allergy in your dog and get rid of it by using apoquel alternative. This is the first and most obvious step that you need to follow. In order to execute this, you may need the help of a vet. So, to be sure, consult a vet ASAP. 

Another thing that can help in avoiding allergies is keeping your house clean. Sometimes, not cleaning your house enough can cause allergies in dogs. Dogs use their nose the most. So if there is dust in the house, then it can affect your dog and cause health issues. 

Avoid smoking around your pet. As you might know, smoking isn’t cool and it’s even worse if you’re doing it in front of your pet as it is not only causing you harm but it is also causing harm to our beloved pet. 

Bathe your pet if it has started to show signs of allergies. Bathing can rinse off allergens and helps in providing comfort to irritated skin. Also, applying anti-flea shampoos can also provide comfort to your pet.   


There’s so much you can do to keep your pet safe from allergies. If you follow the right routine and provide your dog with a high-quality meal, then you can keep your pet healthy. Moreover, as we discussed above, avoid using conventional treatments. These treatments are generally harsh on your pet and most likely put your pet’s health at risk. Remember, your pet is dependent on you for its health and well-being so it is your job to take the right measures to make your pet healthy and happy. If you would like to know more about how to control your pet’s allergies, there are plenty of resources available!

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