Dog-Care Facts Every Golden Retriever Owner Needs to Know

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If you own a golden retriever, you will agree to the fact that they make our home cozy and happy. The pooch playing around the backyard, laying down lazily on the couch, running behind children sounds so ideal. To keep the activeness and health as an owner, you need to know these dog-care facts.  

Diet & nutrition 

The golden retriever needs a healthy and wholesome diet to keep up with their health. Refrain from feeding cheap pet foods and leftovers because they aren’t ideal for them. You need to explore and find out a well-balanced diet to meet the nutritional requirements of your retriever. 

Include healthy foods and do not serve them large portions at a single time. Obesity is a very common problem with a British cream golden retriever. Hence you have to take care and ensure that they are not overeating. With good food, your retriever needs a clean and fresh supply of water every day. 


Training is a very crucial part of your guldens life. A retriever who listens and reacts to all your commands is safer than an untrained dog. You must train your dogs with basic things like sitting, behaving properly, not biting. The most important of all is teaching them to be housebroken. 

A well-trained dog is much reliable and easier to handle when you take them for walks or play-dates. If you are assured that your retriever is trained well, you don’t have to worry about the possible troubles.


Grooming is not only about bathing or brushing your English white golden retriever. Retriever requires much more care and pampering than that. These long-haired doggos require regular brushing of their coats. Failure to brush will result in the hairs to become knotted and matted. 

To protect the natural oils present in their hair, it is best to bathe them only a few times. The retriever needs to have their nails trimmed every 10 to 12 weeks. Don’t forget to maintain dental hygiene by brushing your retrievers’ teeth regularly. Lastly, the ears of your canine friend should be cleaned to prevent bacteria build-up and infections. 


Golden retrievers are a playful and highly-active breed. They are also prone to put on several pounds very quickly. Seeing their body and health, you should let your retriever indulge in a good amount of physical activities. Playing, going for a walk has more benefits than just health.

You should take your retriever outdoors for at least 45 minutes per day for playing and running. This will allow your pooch to channelize his high energy is a constructive way. Retrievers who don’t participate in activities usually resort to destructive chewing and bad behaviour. For cream golden retriever puppies, 5 minutes of structured activity is more than enough. 

Final Thoughts

Owning a golden retriever is a really big responsibility. The cream golden retriever puppies require similar care and affection like that of a baby. Being a good dog-parent, you must put all these facts in your retrievers to-do list. Once you set up a routine for you and your canine companion, things will be much easier.  

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