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Dog Fence Ideas – 4 Most Effective Methods!

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Seeing your dog playing around the yard with joy in its shining eyes is beautiful! You have to acknowledge that being an emotional support dog owner. But allowing your furry friend to play within the yard may turn out to be bothering your neighbors and, of course, dangerous for the dog itself. The dog may not always stay within your yard and go to your neighbors’ yard which may bother them. Even it may move out of your sight often for playing around or chasing after another dog. 

The thing one can think of to avoid the situation is restraining them inside the house or in a kennel. It is okay for a shorter period, not for the entire day! What’s the solution then? Some dog fence ideas can help you in this regard.

The primary purpose of a dog fence is to contain a dog inside a particular area subject to enough space and other facilities so that it can play freely and stay happily. Either you can buy a high-tech unit for disguised fencing, or build a visible one by yourself. Whatever you build, try to do something simple yet effective and durable. And, of course, understand your dog’s necessity before you proceed. 

Best 4 Dog Fence Ideas

Considering all potential dog fence ideas, including manual, automatic, DIY, professional, expensive, and cheap, we have brought the list into a shorter one consisting of only 4 ideas:

Best Fence IdeasMaking ProcessCosting Level
1. Traditional Wooden or Metal Professional AssistanceExpensive/Mid-Range
2. Electric Dog FenceIndustry Manufacture Expensive/Cheap
3. Chain Link Dog FenceDIYCheap
4. Pallet Dog FenceDIYCheap

1. Traditional Wooden or Metal Dog Fence

Traditional dog fences made of metal or wood are the most common idea known to dog owners. These fences have a long history of thousands of years. Over the time, a wide variety of designs and features have been introduced that are still going on. The changes have added elegance and additional safety to wooden and metal fences day after day. If you want a standard fence for your dog, this is undoubtedly a highly effective and proven idea. But, you have to consider the disadvantages in addition to its advantages over other fences.

Usually, metal or quality wood-made traditional fences are strong, durable, and of course, stylish. They will add a super aesthetic outlook to your yard. You will get your dog protected within the area unless it climbs up or jumps over the fence.

dog fence build

And yes, dogs’ jumping over or climbing up the fence is a potential downside of a traditional wooden or metal dog fence. You can solve the problem by adding some additional measures, but that will add some more cost. It is Another downside of these fences that they are usually expensive. They will require more to be built and need professional assistance.

2. Electric Wireless Dog Fence

Technology has kept its footprint in all respects, and the pet industry is no longer an exception. The use of wireless containment systems is a perfect example of that, where the is contained within a particular area using protection not visible to dogs or other animals, not even to humans.

You can set the area within which you can compel your dog to stay. However, the dog will require some training and time to get accustomed to an electric fence. An invisible pet containment system includes a transmitter, wire, collar, boundary flags, and a few other attachments.

You have to lay or bury the wire around your desired perimeter. The transmitter is the core unit, kept inside the house, garage, or any other safe place, that controls the overall system. It produces signals and sends those to the collar worn by a dog.

When your dog comes close to the boundary (pre-set by you as per the instruction manual), the collar warns with beeps. If the dog disobeys that and continues to come closer to the boundary, the collar prevents it by offering some correctional microwave shocks. You can set the level and volume of such shocks. The dog gets back inside, receiving the corrections.

Invisible fences are prevalent to a portion of dog owners and experts, while another portion is afraid of them. They consider the shocks inhumane. There are some other downsides of wireless pet containment that include dog fear, technological failure, bodily injury,  inability to distinguish which side of the boundary or wire the dog is on, etc.

Are invisible containments effective? For more than 70% of cases, you will find them quite effective, while less effective for the rest. Especially for stubborn dogs, who are prone to escape, the no-wire fencing idea is going to be a wrong idea in most cases.

Invisible fences are an industry-manufactured containment system, which you cannot make yourself. But they are a good choice for being affordable (other than some high-end and expensive models) and easy to install, which you can do yourself. The only thing you have to do is train your dog how to get used to the system. 

When it comes to building up a dog fence on your own, a chain link fence probably is the best option. Chain link fences have different names, including, wire netting, chain-wire fence, wire-mesh fence, cyclone fence, etc. These woven fences are made from LLDPE-coated or galvanized steel wire. The vertically run wires are bent into a zig-zag pattern to hold those bent wires to each other. It looks like a diamond, and therefore, is sometimes called a “diamond-mesh fence”.

It is one of the easiest DIY ideas to build a dog fence, and one of the most affordable models too. Installation should not be quite tough for you. Closely following up on the below-stated steps can lead you to make a chain link fence:

  • Planning out the layout;
  • Collection of tools and materials;
  • Marking up and sticking the Posts
  • Stringing the chain link wire around those Posts.

Chain link wire-made fences are strong, easy to install, and of course, much more affordable. But it’ll be tough to contain a persistent dog if you use low-quality wire or mesh. Using the best quality wire will guarantee a long-lasting service too.

4. Pallet Dog Fence

Here we come to the most affordable idea of building up a dog fence – by using pallet wood. The process of making a pallet dog fence is pretty much similar to that of building a traditional wooden dog fence. Differences between these two lie in price and time. When a conventional wood fence is expensive and time-consuming, a pallet fence is very affordable (pallet wood is very cheap) and requires less time to be built up.

But they may not give your yard an astonishing outlook. Some dogs may jump over the fence smoothly. Termites and pests probably will find a pallet fence easy to attack, therefore, leaving it vulnerable. After all, it is an excellent choice for those who have come forward with a low budget.

Last Words

From a wide array of available ideas, we’ve found the above-explained four-dog fence ideas most convincing. You can check some other models too, but probably going to end with a decision close or similar to ours. 

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