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Keeping Your Emotional Support Animal Comfortable At Home

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It’s no secret that emotional support animals can make a big difference to those with a qualified mental or emotional disorder. As noted in a 2014 study by researchers at Georgia State University, the support of an animal can significantly reduce anxiety, loneliness, and other stress-related conditions. Those who have emotional support animals testify to the great importance their pets have in their lives. If you have a ‘four-pawed friend’ who is helping you through tough times, ensure they are in tip-top shape themselves, by making a comfortable, appealing home that will promote the healthy, rested, yet vital state that will enable them to give you and life itself their very all.

How to Build a Dog House

Setting the Right Temperature

In the winter, The Alliance to Save Energy recommends that pet owners set the thermostat to 78 degrees in the summer and 68 degrees in the winter. This is a good general guideline, but you should check with your vet, since different breeds may have their own needs. For instance, brachycephalic dogs can struggle in the summer, because their short snout makes it harder for them to cool down through panting and they are more prone to overheating. In the winter, meanwhile, dogs with short or scant fur may need a bit of extra warmth, which you can provide with a heating pad and extra bedding or blankets. Keep your pet warm when you visit friends or restaurants by taking a portable heater, which is battery-powered and which will ensure he is protected in case the surroundings are a bit too chilly for comfort.

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A Place They Call Home

Some dogs and cats like having a little alone time. They love dark, quiet spaces they can have a nap during the day. Take advantage of free space beneath a desk or table to place a little pet igloo your dog can burrow into; cats will even relish in a simple cardboard box, so long as it contains a nice fluffy blanket for a bit of extra warmth and softness on chilly days.

Comfort at Bedtime

If your dog sleeps in the bedroom with you, be creative with the furniture so he has his own private space. Beds with pull-out features for the storage of items can be repurposed by filling the gap with a mattress your dog can sleep on. This way he will be able to see you at all times, without waking you up at night by burrowing in and out of blankets or changing sleeping positions throughout the night.

Make Safety a Priority

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To up the safety factor for your pet, it is important to analyze potential choking, strangulation, and electrocution hazards. Wires should be covered and the cord kept short. Human food, medication, and cleaning products should also be kept out of your dog’s reach. Finally, if you use bleach and other harsh cleaning products, consider making the change to steam cleaning, so you rely less on these products. Bear in mind that your dog is in much closer contact with a wide range of surfaces and they can easily inhale toxic compounds. To clean and mop surfaces that cannot simply be steam vacuumed, consider using thieves and other therapeutic grade essential oils, which have an anti-bacterial effect and leave an appealing fragrance in your home.

Your pet means everything to you and vice-versa. It only makes sense to make the place in which she spends the most time – your home – as safe and appealing as possible. The right bedding, temperature, and personal nook will ensure she is well-rested and ready, and willing to give you the support and company you cherish.

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