The ESA Certificate

We offer ESA Certificates for only $20 + we mail it to you. ESA Certificates are not pet-limited products, you can order one for any type of animal!

ESA certificate
ESA Certificate Example

How Important Is It?

An ESA Certificate is a complimentary product, but we have heard that some landlords and airlines request to see one of these. As we all know, a certificate is only to help validate the truth of something. In this case, validating the truth that your ESA is necessary to be with you. This validation from an ESA Certificate is why some landlords/airlines request to see such a document. Other more common means of validation methods that they tend to utilize are requesting for the doctor to complete a form of theirs, whether it be a specific airlines form, or a reasonable accommodation form. To get started, you can order one for yourself by taking the online exam.

ESA Certificate

What Else Can I Know?

It works for all animals, there is no breed restriction for ESA certificates. It’s still considered an add-on item, it’s sometimes mandatory to some housing/airlines however.

The ESA Certificate lists your name as the handler, your dog’s information below that, your Patient ID number, and the date that you received this certificate on.

The ESA Certificate was actually an old way of having ESAs be allowed to be with their owner in housing/airline units, many years ago. It has lately become an uncommon resource of validation these days because of more restrictions and other companies that used to sell ESA certificates without having a true way of validating the legitimacy of it. ESA Letters have come to become more important because the verifier can simply confirm its validation with the doctor who wrote it and see if the letter actually did come from the doctor.