Everything You Need to Know About How to Get My Cat to Drink Water?

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As I was gulping down my 5th water glass for the day owing to the extreme summer heat, I suddenly realized that my cat Suzy had barely taken a sip of water since morning. I was aghast at this discovery and immediately my mind went into a frenzy to think how to get my cat to drink water.

I was also concerned if my Suzy was dehydrated already as she was a little lazier than her usual playful mood. That’s when I decided to put all things aside and read all that I could about giving more water to my baby and to check if she is dehydrated or not.

Save yourself the time that I spent and get to know all about why your cat is not drinking water and the best ways to give water to her below.

Top 3 Reasons Why Is Your Cat Not Drinking Enough Water?

1.    Your Cat Is Getting a Sufficient Amount of Water From Her Food

The first thing you should take note of is the cat’s diet. It is possible that your cat is getting her daily intake of water from the food that you are providing. Hence, your little friend is not sipping from the water bowl.

2.    Your Cat’s Natural Behaviour

Cats are smart creatures and they have their own behavioral traits. If you closely observe, most of the cats avoid drinking water from still water sources. The reason for this is that the still water sources would house bacteria in the wild.

Your cat might be drinking water from a moving water source like a dripping tap or if there is any water source in your garden without your knowledge.

The water intake might also be reduced due to a change in your cat’s routine, frequent traveling, or if there are any guests in your house.

3.    Your Cat Might Have Some Health Issues

Your cat might be facing some discomfort due to underlying disease or health issues that you are unaware of. Some common problems include inflammation in the mouth, dental infections, or gastrointestinal disease. This can be one of the reasons why your cat is not drinking water.

Is Your Cat Dehydrated?

Sometimes, you may feel that your cat is dehydrated. Dehydration is more common in cats who suffer from kidney issues, diabetes, and thyroid. Your cat might also get dehydrated due to extreme heat, vomiting, or diarrhea.

If your cat is dehydrated, it may show symptoms like panting, loss of appetite, sunken and swollen eyes, and an accelerated heart rate.

You can also check on the cat’s skin elasticity to determine dehydration. A simple method here is to lift the skin near the shoulder blades and release it. If the skin falls back normally and quickly, be at ease, as your cat is hydrated.

However, if the skin takes some time to return to its normal place, it means that your cat is dehydrated.

 8 Ways to Get Your Cat to Drink Water

If your cat is not drinking water or if she is dehydrated, try the below methods to increase her water intake.

1.    Make a Change in Your Cat’s Diet and Introduce More Wet Food

Fresh food is rich in water content as opposed to dry kibble. If your cat does not like fresh food and prefers kibble, you can try to add water or broth to it.

2.    Add Flavour to Your Cat’s Water

Is your cat not drinking plain water? Then there is no harm in offering her some flavored water. You can try out flavoring the water with tuna or chicken broth!

3.    Add Ice Cubes in Your Cat’s Food

Adding ice cubes to your cat’s favorite food often does the trick. The ice cubes will take up the food’s flavor and your cat will relish it. This way, along with the food, the water intake will also be maintained.

Moreover, just like humans, some cats also prefer cold water over normal temperature water. If your cat is more fond of cold water, adding ice will work wonders for the water intake.

4.    Use a Water Fountain for Your Cat

Cats are attracted to moving water. Most of them usually love to drink the water from the fountain. You can try to use a water fountain for your cat.

It might take a day or two for your cat to get used to it, but once she is accustomed to it, you will not have to worry about your cat not drinking water!

An important thing to consider while using a water fountain is to prevent the formation of slime. Slime can adversely affect your pet’s health. Check out this extensive guide on how to prevent slime pet water fountain.

 5.    Try to Experiment With Different Types of Water Bowls

It is possible that your cat is a bit fussy and picky. You should try out a variety of water bowls like ceramic, plastic, glass or steel. If your cat shows a preference for a particular bowl, use that one.

6.    Maintain Hygiene of the Water Bowl

Cleaning the water bowl daily ensures that bacteria built up is prevented in the bowl, and your cat will always get fresh water.

7.    Ensure That the Water Bowl Is Kept at a Clean Place

You cannot eat or drink near your washroom area, right? Same goes for your cute cat. Make sure that the water bowl is kept in a clean place, away from the cat litter box.

8.    Increase the Frequency of Meals While Reducing the Quantity

It is natural to feel thirsty after your meal. The same applies to your cat. If your cat is not drinking enough water, you can try to provide more meals throughout the day.

This might lead to your cat feeling more thirsty and thus increasing her water intake.


There are numerous ways to answer the question of how to get my cat to drink water. You should be very careful about the water intake of your cute cat, as low water intake can cause dehydration.

Try out the methods described above, and you can see what works best for your cat!

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