Everything You Need to Know About Toy Poodles.

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Guest post: Are you also a poodle lover who just falls for cute, tiny adorable dogs? If yes, then the toy poodle will be the one for you. Owning a toy poodle for sale means bringing a whole box of happiness to your lives and homes. The toy is the smallest of all three poodles but has the general temperament as its Standard and Miniature counterparts. Everyone throughout history loves toys. They are always an excellent choice for families with children for several reasons. 

They are lovable and loyal companions with a loving personality that can melt your heart. Toys are tiny, athletic dogs with friendly and easygoing temperaments. They are less than 10 inches tall, with an average lifespan of 12-15years. Their curly coats appear in many colors. They are well-mannered dogs that love to please others. They are ideal for small spaces and quickly adapt to any environment. 

Does Toy poodle make a good pet? 

Toy Poodles are popular companion dogs because they make a great bond with their family members and do not like to be left home alone. They make great family pets. They get so close with their owners that they experience anxiety when left alone for too long. They love to snuggle you up whenever you reach home after office hours. Their warm curly furs are great for winter nights.

They are known for their cheerful nature. They love to play and always want to play around with people. They serve as play pals as they love playing games with their family members. They are naturally hypo-allergenic, which means they are the perfect choice for families who have allergic concerns. They also love travelling so you can easily plan a trip and take them with you anywhere. 

These tiny poodles are incredibly photogenic and are ready for all-time photoshoots with you for your love and attention. They easily get along with everyone in the family and develop a great bond with the one they love the most. In addition, they are very adaptable and will take to you and your family quickly.

Why Toy poodles are so popular?

Toy poodles are in the top five lists of most intelligent dogs. They are highly intelligent that can happily live in  small apartment or a big home with a garden as long as they have your love and plenty of opportunities to play and run. It is very easy and fun to train them. They can learn hundreds of words in their lifetime. 

They happily live in a peaceful environment with a friendly atmosphere.

However, a chaotic and noisy environment can make them a little anxious and emotional. Therefore, they are always alert and will warn you quickly if someone arises at your doorstep, making them a good guardian for your kids and family. 

Fun Facts about Toy Poodles

Toy poodles are a great choice to bring home as a pet. Their charm and positive behaviour will add happiness to your life. Here are some of the fun facts about toy poodles: 

They have a unique appearance

Toy poodles are known for their beauty. They are fancy dogs that are going to shower bundles of love on you. They get along with everyone in the family, including the assumed enemy of dogs, cats. They are obedient in nature and love to learn new tricks. 

Some easy training will allow you to teach them good behaviour. Their polite nature will enable them to make new friends easily, so you’ll love taking them for socializing. You can shape and style their fur according to your way to make them unique. 

They are hypo-allergenic

Toy poodles have hypoallergenic furs that don’t shed much. As a result, they are prone to infections and Allergies. The furs need proper grooming after every 3-4 week as grooming improves your puppy’s appearance and makes them look charming. Regular bath and hair trim maintains their fresh coat, and you’ll love snuggling with your soft buddy. In addition, poodles don’t lose their coat based on the season, making them hypoallergenic and easy to have.

They have a good temperament.

Toy poodles are small dogs with good temperaments. Everyone in the family loves them as they spread positivity and happiness inside the home. They are filled with love and care. They know when you’re upset or sad. They just come to you and cuddles you to spread their love and care to boost your mood. You can feel the positivity in just around 10-15 minutes after spending time with this cute poodle. 

They are well-mannered

Toy poodles love to please others. They are well-mannered dogs with wonderful personalities. They like to please everyone they see around as companions and housemates. 

They are the perfect breed to teach some entertaining tricks, which is always a hit with kids. They are highly trained and well suited for just about any task you put them to. In addition, they are very protective of their families and always want them around

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