Everything You Need to Know When Juggling a New Business and a New Pet

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Guest post: Everyone enjoys the excitement of experiencing a new milestone. Whether getting married, having a baby, welcoming a new pet, or starting your own business, life’s major moments are exciting and memorable. But what happens when milestones overlap? What if you are launching a company while also helping a new pet adjust to your home? 

Thankfully, by taking advantage of available tools and strategies, you can balance both responsibilities and, ultimately, find success as both an entrepreneur and a new pet parent. Here are some tips from Emotional Pet Support to get you started.

Work From Home

Adjusting to a new home and location can be stressful for an animal. To make the process easier, try to minimize your pet’s alone time. Working from home helps by allowing your new companion to stay by your side. Make your office space especially inviting by putting a cozy bed next to your desk and keeping some toys nearby.

An at-home business arrangement also benefits you and your company. It helps your firm’s bottom line by reducing overhead expenses and saves you time by eliminating your commute. Moreover, having a pet at work reduces your stress, improves work morale, and increases productivity.

Stick to a Schedule

Creating a routine for your pet can make the adjustment process easier and ensure you don’t overlook Rover’s needs. For example, puppies need plenty of bathroom breaks and room to run, so use a scheduling app to send reminders. Using this system can benefit you and your company too. Research shows that frequent short work breaks improve your productivity and well-being.

Make Smart Business Decisions

The smoother your business runs, the more time and energy you will have for your pet. Consider making strategic decisions, such as:

  • Delegating complicated tasks to trained specialists.
  • Creating a detailed business plan to serve as a roadmap for future decisions.
  • Including social media as part of your marketing plan.
  • Facilitate faster payments by using an online invoice generator to send professional invoices with your business logo to your customers.
  • Filing as a limited liability company to protect your assets, reduce your taxes, minimize paperwork, and increase flexibility.

If you decide to file for LLC status, be aware that different regions have different regulations. Check your state-specific rules and consider using an online formation service to assist. And if you’re looking for BPO companies to outsource various tasks like marketing, accounting, or customer service, consider hiring someone freelance. It can get you the service you need without committing to adding a full time employee. But if things work out great, you can always consider hiring them after a trial period.

Accept Help From Others

While spending time with your pet should be a priority, there may be times when you need help. Other family members can be a great resource, especially since it gives them a chance to bond with the newest member of the household. And since this shared love and care of a pet has been shown to strengthen family bonds and improve the home environment, it’s a win-win for everyone.

If you need more assistance than your family can provide, help is just a click away through apps that offer various pet services:

  • Walking apps that allow you to request, schedule, and pay for dog walks or drop-in visits through the convenience of your phone
  • Wellness apps that can do everything from storing Fluffy’s medical records to giving you access to live help for a health issue
  • Pet training apps that provide instructions and videos

Welcoming a new pet into your home adds a new dimension of joy and adventure. If you are nervous about handling the responsibilities of pet ownership because you’re running a business, rest assured that the right strategies and tools can help you find success in both ventures.

Pets can help us in so many ways, including helping us regulate anxiety, depression, and other emotions. If you are looking for a trained emotional support animal, contact Emotional Pet Support to get matched with the right animal.