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Exotic Emotional Support Animals

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Emotional Support Animals can be almost any animal! From dogs and cats to guinea pigs and turtles, in these stressful times, we all need a companion animal. We have compiled a list of some exotic and interesting emotional support animals just for you. Again, these animals serve their purpose and provide the love and companionship that any other animal would to their owners. Not only that but unlike service animals or therapy animals, they can be any kind of animal because they don’t need special training to do what ESAs are meant to do. Without further ado, here is our list:

1). Tarantulas

Let’s get this off of our chest, not literally, tarantulas can be quite scary, to say the least. But all animals need love and some people tend to cling to tarantulas. If you’re looking for a quiet and exotic companion animal, this might be the choice for you! Tarantulas may appear very intimidating and may seem like the most threatening creepy crawling spider type but according to HuffPost, they are actually harmless. Not only that, but they’ve always been popular pets. As an ESA though, they are quite interesting and sometimes rather adorable!

2). Turkey

Many news organizations went wild some time ago about someone traveling via plane with an ESA turkey. That turkey made headline news in Fox News for being a very exotic choice of an ESA. Of course, they deserve a spot in our list this time, even though November is usually their time.

3). Pig

Just like the turkey that made headline news, so too did the “flying pig”. Yes, although rare, pigs are also a good choice to have served as an ESA just like other animals. If you’ve read Charlotte’s Web, you can see why some people fall in love with pigs. Pigs are very adorable to many when they are small and young and during that time, they can make companion animals! Although some may not be exotic, CNN and many other news agencies around the country were taken by surprise!

We certainly hope you’ve enjoyed this brief list of some exotic Emotional Support Animals. If you have an exotic ESA story to share, we encourage you to comment below, we’d all love to hear it! Also, with us, our network of licensed medical professionals can help you get a written recommendation to get an ESA.


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      Hi Bella,

      We’ve successfully handled cases with sugar gliders before. Yes, they can serve as ESAs.

  1. can house centipedes or jumping spiders be support animals? or a plethora of various other insects and arachnids?

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