Five Healthy Ways to Spoil your Dog

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From designer collars to doggie spas and specialized dog cuisine, today’s pooches are more spoiled than ever. Some owners spend mind-boggling sums making sure that their pets have the best of everything. It is, however, possible to spoil your best friend on any budget. The important thing to remember is that pampering and a healthy lifestyle should go hand in hand. Providing regular grooming, comfortable and practical accessories, companionship, regular activity, and high-quality food will make any dog feel like the richest pet on earth. Whether you already own a dog or are looking into spoiling a new emotional support animal, the choices are endless.

Pet On The Street – Do You Spoil Your Dog?

A Day at the Spa

Many dogs enjoy baths as much as their owners enjoy the fresh-smelling results. In addition to keeping the animal fit for the company, regular grooming keeps your dog’s skin and coat healthy. Also, skin and ear problems are often detected during grooming sessions, and this early detection means prompt treatment and quicker recovery. For an expensive day of pampering, you can treat your dog to a high-end doggie spa. These luxurious establishments offer traditional bathing, grooming, and nail clipping as well as massages and other indulgences. For a more modest fee, you can send your dog to a traditional groomer or hire a mobile dog grooming service. You can even pamper your dog at home. Specialty pet stores offer the same products that are used in salons, so you can create a spa experience in your house.

Personal Style

Gone are the days when accessory shopping for a dog meant choosing between a red and a blue-collar. Today, collars and leashes come in a variety of colors, prints, fabrics, and styles. If a collar around the neck is too harsh for your pet, headcollars and harnesses are available to fit dogs of every size and shape. Tags and picture charms add personality and practicality to these collars and harnesses. It is, after all, very important for all dogs to have identification if they become lost. In addition to collars, sweaters and coats in a variety of sizes and price ranges are available for those times when your dog’s stylish haircut is incompatible with the weather.

High Society

Dogs are social animals, so one of the best ways to pamper them is to provide them with the society they crave. Many busy owners send their pets to doggie daycare centers to play with other pooches while owners work. You can also increase your dog’s canine circle of friends by arranging play dates with friends’ dogs and taking your pet to local dog parks. Do, however, exercise caution. Make sure to look over all potential canine friends, and never leave your dog unsupervised with other dogs. If your pet shows any aggression around other dogs, find alternative activities. Besides, make sure that your dog and all the animals that contact it have been properly vaccinated.


One of the healthiest ways to spoil your pet is to increase playtime by providing fun new toys, extra walks, and more interactive games. Keeping your dog active will help the animal to burn off extra calories and maintain a healthy weight. With pet obesity on the rise, this is especially important. Besides, active dogs are less likely to become bored, so they exhibit fewer behavior problems such as chewing and digging.

Fine Dining

Dogs love food, so it is no surprise that many owners use food and treats to spoil their pets. You do, however, need to be careful when choosing to spoil your dog with food. Obesity is growing more common among dogs, and it is linked to problems such as cancer, diabetes, skin disease, arthritis, and other health issues. To keep your pet healthy, remember that quality is more important than quantity. Instead of giving your pet extra food, make each meal delicious. Choose tasty food, and give it in small amounts rather than providing an unending buffet. Most cities have bakeries and shops that sell handcrafted dog biscuits and other treats made with human-grade ingredients. Besides, many pet stores sell gourmet dog cuisine that is sure to delight your pet. You can even make dog treats at home with recipes found in doggie cookbooks or online.

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