What To Know About Dogs and Fleas

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A dog with her soft and warm fur makes the best friend. Everybody wants to cuddle with them so much but now flea will also target your dog for food and shelter. The fact remains that dogs have a high likelihood of coming into contact with flea and lice at any point in their life. However, with a bit of information you can be able to control and treat them.

What are dog fleas?

These are the most common parasites that your dog will have to deal with. The parasites measure about 1-2 mm. They also don’t have a long lifespan but they are likely to multiply rapidly and invade your dog. According to research, the female flea lays about 40 eggs every single day. For some days, flea lie quietly and you will not know they are there. However, with time your dog will start to suffer and eventually the signs will be evident.

Dog fleas transmit diseases which can eventually cause skin problems. They feed on blood which means they can as well lead to anemia. The bites are itchy for the dog which can lead to some allergies such as Flea Allergic dermatitis.

Flea Tick Frontline Spot on Dogs

Today, you are likely to find many remedies out there. Some of them are effective while others will just waste your money and time. Now that you love your pet, you definitely want to give her the best care. Today, Flea Tick Frontline Spot On Dogs will reduce the time that you could otherwise take trying to control and treat fleas and ticks.

The Flea Tick Frontline spot on dogs is an effective over the counter remedy to flea and ticks on dogs. This product will kill adult fleas and ticks and at the same time prevent eggs from hatching. The product has many benefits. First of all, it’s effective in killing fleas and ticks and secondly it’s very easy to apply.

Once you apply this product, your dog will be adversely be protected from  ticks, flea and lice for a long time. The product also kills animals within the shortest time possible. According to the information, the flea and ticks will be dead within 24 to 48 hours. The product has a robust safety profile because it’s a veterinary medicine. You can actually apply it on dogs as young as 8 weeks and 2kg.

Active ingredients

Flea Tick Frontline Spot on Dogs contains some of the most active ingredients that make it a perfect solution to dog parasites. The product has some of the below ingredients:

Methoprene-This is one of the dominant ingredients in this product. The ingredient works as a growth inhibitor. This means that the ingredient will inhabit the growth of eggs and larvae.

Fiprinol-This is another active ingredient that will attack and kill adult fleas, ticks and lice. This will make sure that the nuisance is completely eliminated.

The two ingredients combines efforts to make sure the infestation is controlled. With this product, you can be assured of a success rate of up to 98%.

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