Four Reasons to Adopt a Special Needs Cat

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Cats can be defined as one of the most popular domesticated species that are kept in homes as pets. However, cats are more than just pets. They are considered family by their adoptive parents. Some have different opinions about owning cats. These furry felines have always been depicted as snobby and grumpy animals. What most people do not know is that some cats are actually bold, mischievous, playful, sweet—most of the time—and love the attention. They have varying personalities which are inherited or developed from previous experiences.

Cats can bring so much happiness and joy to most people. These furry felines can be very influential to the families they are part of. Lynda Hamblen, a novelist and mother of three cats: the late William, Tibby, and Elvira. She has authored the book William and Tibby Forever in memory and for the love of her pet cats. This shows how pet cats can impact a person to a great degree. They touch the lives of their owners whom they share great companionship. There have also been studies that say attachment to pets is good for human health.

You may now have the heart to consider adding a furry feline to your family. If so, then you must consider adopting a cat with special needs. Special needs cats are those who are blind, deaf, or those that have amputations and birth defects. There are plenty of reasons why you should open your heart and home for a special needs cat of any age.

They Are Also Great Pets

Special needs cats are beautiful, loving, and amazing animals that deserve to be adopted. Adopters come and go adopting normal kittens and adult cats. However, it would take months even years before special needs cats are adopted. They are often passed over by people because of their diversity. Nonetheless, these special needs cats also need love and deserve to have a forever home. These wonderful creatures are great pets considering that they can teach you plenty of valuable lessons. They will teach you how there is always a way to overcome obstacles and to remain positive even in despair. They are amazing pets that would inspire and motivate you daily to keep moving forward.

You Will Be A Hero

One of the saddest and upsetting truth of shelters is animal euthanasia. According to research, cats are more likely to be euthanized compared to dogs since they are more likely to enter a pet shelter without any owner identification. Shelters euthanize animals for two reasons. One, if the animal does not get adopted after a period of time. And second, if shelters cannot accommodate the needs of animals. Cats with special needs would require plenty of medication and money making them the first ones to be euthanized. With that said, the more that you should consider adopting a special needs cat because you will be saving their life. You will be their hero who swept them away from the death row. You will transform their life for the better and make a difference. You’ll be giving them a chance to live and be normal, happy, and comfortable. A circumstance that they would not likely experience in a shelter.

You Will Learn to Love Unconditionally

A special needs cat would need a lot of attention and care considering their circumstance. Taking care of a special needs cat needs a lot of patience and gentleness. By caring for them, you will learn how to love unconditionally. You will find empathy and compassion towards them. Traits that you may carry with you forever. No matter what animal you adopt, you will find yourself finding a connection with them. Nevertheless, special needs cats can offer you that connection as well. A deeper connection. Many animals can sense that you have changed their lives and later on develop gratitude and loyalty towards you.

Live a Fulfilling Life

Many people would feel bad for special needs cats but this does not compel them to adopt one. Adopting a cat with special needs may be intimidating for them. Special needs cats may be blind, deaf, birth defects, and missing extremities which can be a strain for some. These cats would also require medications which can be a burden for most people. On the other hand, those who are willing to spend and care for special needs cats will reap rewards such as a fulfilling life. Caring and loving these cats with special needs will help bring out the good qualities and traits that you did not think you have. 

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