5 Tips On Getting Ready For Your Pet

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Whether it is your first or not, pets make any home brighter. After choosing what animal you want, take the time to make sure your home is ready to welcome them as soon as they arrive.   Follow these easy steps to make your home pet-ready. 

Safety First 

Once you have chosen what kind of pet you want, it is time to get your home safe for them to live. Start by preparing a checklist for what needs to be done around the house to keep your pet safe. This includes simple tasks, like checking doors to ensure they shut properly, to more labor-heavy tasks, such as securing your furniture to prevent it from falling over. When writing your list, be sure to factor in the animal’s size, age, agility and genetic traits. For example, a husky puppy has higher energy, grows quickly, is unaware of its strength and more inclined to run and jump around. Keep these factors in mind to help plan how best to keep your home safe for your pet. 

Use the Right Tools 

Another area you want to keep an eye out for are your floors. Softer floors are more prone to damage, and carpets can easily collect hair and dust. Therefore, it is important to keep your house stocked with the best tools that can target some of the unique challenges that animal hair and dander bring with them into your home. You also may want to consider where your animal will go in your house, so you can ensure your floors are ready to handle them. This includes thinking about floor materials and how easy they are to clean. Keep this in mind as you plan for where your pet will go, as well as what tools you will need to keep it clean. 

Avoid Dangerous Products 

Before signing off on your home as safe, do a final check for how your cleaning products are being stored, as well as what is in them. Make sure that your pet will not be able to get into products that can be hazardous to their health. Consider putting safety latches on cupboards or spaces where these supplies are being stored to help limit any possibility of exposure. Chemicals are not the only thing that could be putting your pet at risk. Do a check of the greenery you keep in your home. Plants like Azaleas and Rhododendrons can be dangerous, whereas plants like Pilea are safe for cats to be around. Give yourself peace of mind by making sure the plants in your house are safe for your pets. 

Get the Best Tools  

The next thing you want to have ready are the tools necessary to take care of your pet. Start taking advantage of some of the latest devices to simplify your pet care. You can choose to keep it simple with just bowls for food and water, or you can take it to the next level with containers that you can control from your phone. Pet care technology has come a long way. Take the time to consider how technological you want to be with your pet care products. Remember, it is most important that you keep your pet areas clean and well supplied so that your pet is both well-fed and happy.    

Have Fun

The final step you need to take in making your home pet-ready is to plan for playtime. Be sure to pamper your pet with some of the new and exciting toys that are out there. When choosing what toys to buy, buy ones that are going to be fun for you as well. Keep in mind what your pet can play with when you are not home as well. 

No matter what animal you choose, make sure that you are ready to care for them. Think about everything you need to make it a home for both you and your pet. 

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