Guest post: 10 Ways Dogs Reveal Their Love to Owners

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Dogs are our best friends. They are funny, make us laugh and keep us happy. And one of the most important things – dogs love us for no reason. Pups like being around humans, they are sociable and very positive. If you have a dog, you might want to pay attention to some signs that your dog shows. These are the signs that prove that your amazing puppy loves you.

Looking into the Eye

For people, it could be uncomfortable to maintain eye-contact. The same rule applies to dogs. But if your doggo willingly stares at you, it means the puppy likes you. Dogs’ brains release oxytocin (the love hormone). This hormone is similar to the one that releases the mother’s brain when first seeing a newborn baby. 

Sleeping in Your Room

Nearly all dogs love to sneak into our beds and sleep there. Most of us won’t allow them to do that, even though the statistics show that some owners allow dogs to sleep with them in beds. But still, dogs stay in our rooms, even if not in bed. Why? Because they love us! If your puppy sleeps with you in your room, then he doesn’t want to be separated from you. You are a pack!

Leaning Against You

Just like in the case of eye-contact, your dog wouldn’t lean against you if he wouldn’t love and trust you. If you notice that your doggo is leaning against you, then rest assured, he likes and trusts you. 

Happy When You’re Back Home

When your dog meets you at the door, it’s a clear sign. If your puppy is happy, barking, running around, and showing other signs of happiness, then your friend is just happy that you are finally back and can spend time together. Show your dog that you are also happy to be reunited with your amazing friend. Well, why wouldn’t you? Dogs are so amazing, they even help to deal with anxiety

Checking if You are OK

Most dogs mind their own business. They either play with their toys, sleep, eat, play with other pets, etc. But once in a while, they come to you and check on you. This shows they love you and care about your well-being. They also may want some love and attention from you.

Carry Your Things Everywhere

Usually, they take the socks or shoes of their owners. It’s not because your dog has no manners or wants to piss you off. It’s because your dog loves your scent. That’s why they usually choose socks or shoes, it’s because your scent is strong.

Encouraging Touch

Unlike most people think, not all dogs love it when someone is hugging them. Traditionally, yes, dogs are more tolerant than cats. But if your puppy is following you and encouraging you to pet him, then your friend loves you and wants attention. Give your puppy some attention, it’s so enjoyable to hug a dog!

Pees when Sees the Owner

Yes, it’s extremely strange and of course, you don’t really like it. But as funny and unbelievable as it sounds, your dog is just overly excited to see you. This behavior is usually seen among puppies, but even adult dogs might pee just a bit when they see owners.

Share Their Favorite Toys

Your dog must have a toy loved the most among all other toys. If your friend brings this toy and gives it to you, consider it the most valuable sign of love. If the puppy gives his favorite toy to you, he must adore you.

Smiling Expression

Cats and dogs actually have different expressions. You can look at your dog and tell whether he is sad or happy, excited or scared, etc. If your dog is smiling at you, no, you are totally fine and you don’t have to see a psychologist. Your dog is expressing love and shows that he is happy that you are his friend. 


If you are reading this article, you already know that your traveling support dog loves you. We all just love to spend time finding proof that our pets love us. The best thing about pets, and dogs, in particular, is that they just love us. They love watching when we are doing something, hanging out with us, playing, etc. They are adorable and we should take care of our small friends. 

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