How To Help Your Dog Adjust To A New Home

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Moving to a new house is a process full of emotions. With the move, you can become stressed, tired, anxious and overly excited. Like us, pets also go through this roller coaster of feelings. The whole process of how to adapt the dog to the new home requires a certain amount of dedication from the owners. After all, many dogs live under the same roof for many years, making it their little kingdom. Your friend is already used to the limits, favorite places and even where the bathroom is! But how to adapt dogs in a new space? If you are going through a process of change, don’t worry! This article will help you with some tips.

Keep Calm

Dogs are more sensitive than you think. These best friends are great at reading emotions and know humans better than anyone! If you are stressed, your pet will notice. So, take a deep breath and stay calm. In addition to helping to tidy up your new home more peacefully, this will assist in adapting the dog.

Keep the Dog’s Routine in the New Home

Dogs love routine. Our furry friends may not even have a diary, but their system works like a clock. Thus, the pet knows when to get up, when to get food, when to walk and even when you will get home. Therefore, escaping the routine is very stressful for dogs. So, no matter how busy you are, preparing to move, try to keep your pet’s routine. Continue with the meal, going to the bathroom and taking a walk. This will show that changes are not that bad. 

When Adapting, Don’t Forget the Doggy Items

When preparing for change, there are many commitments, and one of those tasks is to remember your pet’s items. Toys, walks, drinking bowls and feeders must be reserved and taken to the new home. Don’t think about buying everything new! “You can even redecorate your new home and change some furniture, but the ideal is that the pet items remain the same”, says Maria R. Lewellyn, pet writer at Boomessays and Paper Fellows. This makes it easier when the question is how to make your dog adapt in an apartment or house. If your four-legged friend loves to nap on the sofa in the afternoon, wait a while to change the furniture. Staying in a totally new environment can cause changes in the behavior of dogs.

Keep the Scent of Your Dog’s Objects

Of course, every owner is concerned with the hygiene of their pet’s objects and frequently washes their bed, blanket and toys. However, during the moving period, you can stop this habit for a few days. Smell is very important for dogs, and they know exactly what the house must smell like. If your dog has a favorite blanket or toy, take good care of that item. It will be of great help when it comes to knowing how to adapt a puppy to a new home. The smell of the old house helps a lot in adapting to the new environment for dogs.

Prepare a Dog ID

Even following all the steps above, moving home can be stressful for dogs. In some cases, they might try to run away, and you must be prepared for this. Don’t forget to update your pet’s identification with the new address and phone number. That little detail can be very important during a difficult time, like an escape. Remember that “today it is easy to put a microchip on your pet. This quick and painless procedure helps to identify stray animals. In addition, it is part of the responsible ownership project”, says Ami J. Runyon, blogger at Australianhelp and StateOfWriting. Just go to your veterinarian and ask about microchips in dogs.

Don’t be surprised if the change process is stressful, tiring and long. Dogs are territorial, and the space where they live is very important. Be patient. It is possible that, in the first weeks, your furry friend has some problems in canine behavior. By following the steps above, you will have no problems during the adaptation process. In a few weeks, your pet will be finding his perfect new home. Remember that a pleasant and comfortable environment is important for a good quality of life.

Beatrix Potter is a pet writer at Essay writing services. Beatrix writes about pets and nature. She is a proud vegan, hiker and supporter of animal rights around the world. She has adopted five dogs from different shelters.

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